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SWC Attendance Policy

For all SWC courses, students must attend the first two class meetings or notify the instructor that they will be absent. Failure to do so may result in the student being dropped from the course.

SWC Waitlist Policy

Students who want to be admitted to a closed SWC course should add themselves to the waitlist. Once a seat is available, students will be notified via email. Students will be given 24 hours to respond to the notification and request a class permission. If students do not respond within 24 hours, they lose their place on the waitlist and the next priority student will be notified and given the opportunity to request a class permission. Once a class permission is granted, students will have 48 hours to use the class permission before it expires.

Students are notified based upon a variety of criteria depending upon which class they have waitlisted.

  1. SWC 100: Students waitlisted for SWC 100 who are moving from a first-year writing course into SWC 100 will be given priority. Next, students with a higher number of credit hours, and who have not yet fulfilled their First-Year Writing Requirement, will be given priority. All other students will be notified based on their position on the waitlist.
  2. SWC 400: Students waitlisted for SWC 400 will be admitted based on class standing, with seniors given priority. Depending on the class topic, students on the waitlist may be given preference based on academic departments (i.e., students within a social science field may be admitted into the social science section over a student within a science field). All other students will be notified based on their position on the waitlist.
  3. Other SWC Courses: Waitlisted students will be notified based upon their position on the waitlist.

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