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Students who intend to continue a language begun in high school or another college or university must take the Placement Test to determine the language course in which they should enroll. Please note that students may not take the Portuguese placement test more than one time. To schedule a Portuguese placement test with the instructor, please contact the RLL main office at (734) 764-5344 for more information.

Students who demonstrate a fourth-term proficiency are certified to have fulfilled the LSA language requirement. Other students are placed in courses according to their demonstrated degree of competence and satisfy the LSA language requirement by successful completion of FRENCH 232, ITALIAN 232, PORTUG 232, SPANISH 232, or the equivalent. Students with previous background in or exposure to a Romance language are encouraged to continue study of that language through the freshman and sophomore years. The language requirement cannot be satisfied by out-of-residence credit which is elected after the student has begun degree enrollment in LSA.

A student who misses either of the first two meetings of any course offered by the Department of Romance Languages may be dropped from the course for non-attendance.

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