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Summer Field Courses.The Department of Geological Sciences considers field education fundamental to all of its academic programs. To this end, it provides students with a variety of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Many of these opportunities are centered around the University’s Rocky Mountain Field Station, Camp Davis. Nestled along the Hoback River south of Jackson, Wyoming, Camp Davis provides easy access to spectacularly exposed geologic structures, sedimentary strata, fossils, and igneous and metamorphic rocks. See the web for complete information about Camp Davis at: The Department offers an introductory course in geological sciences (GEOSCI 116) at Camp Davis. Although similar in scope to introductory geological sciences courses taught on campus, this course offers students an opportunity for direct observation of geological phenomena. GEOSCI 116, as all at Camp Davis, is open to any student in good health, of sound academic standing, and with a lust for adventure! Three advanced summer field courses (GEOSCI 440, 341, and 344) are also offered at Camp Davis. GEOSCI 440 is the capstone course of the Geological Sciences concentration and involves field mapping and measurement of geologic units and structures. GEOSCI 341 provides students with field experiences in the collection and analysis of environmental data. GEOSCI 341 is recommended to students electing concentrations other than Geological Sciences or those electing a teaching certificate. GEOSCI 344 introduces students to concepts and environmental consequences of sustainable and fossil energy sources through hands-on experiments using alternate energy systems at Camp Davis.

Field Trips. The Department also offers a two-week Spring Field Trip yearly in May that travels to different locations around the United States. Recent trips have visited West Texas and New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, national parks of Southern Utah, Nevada, Death Valley, Florida Coral Reefs, the Appalachians. The Department is also committed to a yearly International Field Trip, which in recent years has visited Iceland, Scotland, and the Spanish Pyrenees. Details on all of these field trips are available at or by visiting the Department’s Main Office, 2534 C.C. Little Building, and on the main Geological Sciences web page.

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