LSA Course Guide Search Results: UG, Spring/Summer 2010, Subject = HISTORY

WAITLIST POLICY: Students are strongly encouraged to use the waitlist for any closed History course. Students should register on the waitlist according to their preferred section AND attend the first class. Overrides will be issued automatically, in waitlist order, up to the first day of class by the department as space becomes available. Students are notified by email and given two days to use the override; the seat may go to an alternate student on the waitlist if the override is allowed to expire. Students should remember that for cross-listed courses, their waitlist position as seen on Wolverine Access is relative to the unit under which they are enrolled. Unused overrides may result in the student being removed from the waitlist completely. No overrides will be issued automatically after the first day of classes—students (waitlisted or not) must attend the first class and obtain an override from the instructor or GSI.
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