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The essential concern of physiology is how living things work and, as physiology relates to man, it is the study of the normal functioning of the human body. The methods and tools of physiology are those used in the experimental sciences, and its range cuts across many different scientific disciplines. Physiology emphasizes the basic functions of organs, the interactions and coordination of these diverse functions, and attempts to analyze these functions in terms of physical and chemical processes. A knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the body and its component parts is an essential part of a general education.

PHYSIOL 201 is intended to meet the needs and expectations of many types of students: those preparing for careers as doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and biology teachers; those who are interested in a systematic investigation of the biological sciences; and those who desire a general knowledge of physiology as part of a liberal arts education. Students must have at least sophomore standing or permission of instructor.

PHYSIOL 502, like PHYSIOL 201, is a basic survey course covering all areas of human physiology. It has the same objectives as PHYSIOL 201, and advanced undergraduates who have the stated prerequisites are advised to elect it rather than PHYSIOL 201.
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