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Modern Greek courses cover language, literature, and culture, offering a systematic introduction to the Greek world of the last ten centuries, and especially to its contemporary social reality and intellectual achievement. As part of a liberal arts education, they promote the contextual study, both local and global, of contemporary Greek culture, placing particular emphasis on literary studies, critical theory, cultural politics, ethnicity, and diaspora (especially Greek-American).

Courses in English. Our courses explore the Greek world from late antiquity to the present, with special emphasis on Greek society of the past 200 years. Classes in English introduce students to Greek culture, travel literature about Greece, Greek literature in translation, and diaspora experiences including the Greek American, all of which fulfill distribution requirements for undergraduate degrees.

  • 214 INTRODUCTION TO MODERN GREEK CULTURE examines cultural, religious, social, and political trends as reflected in literature, music, folklore, popular culture, and ideology.
  • 318 GREEK-AMERICAN CULTURE explores questions of ethnicity, race, gender, and social class in the United States over the last two centuries as reflected in Greek-American history and culture
  • 325 ATHENS PRESENT AND PAST studies Athens as a “palimpsest,” a surface that has been scraped and reused again and again, beginning with the Acropolis in the heart of the city, and expanding outward
  • 340 TRAVELS TO GREECE examines the literature of modern travel to Greece and the issues it raises about antiquity, modernity, ethnography, otherness, orientalism, and Western identity.
    Section subtitled "Greek Myth in Film" examines the mutually reinforcing overlap of myth, literature, and cinema. The movies have neither ancient columns nor mythical monsters but they show how fate can still turn us all into wandering, questioning Greeks.

Courses in Modern Greek Language Instruction.

  • ELEMENTARY FIRST-YEAR MODERN GREEK 101-102 is designed for students with no previous exposure to the language as well as for students with some basic understanding of Modern Greek.
  • MODERN GREEK CONVERSATION 105 aims to help students speak basic Greek. It is designed for beginners who know how to read but can barely speak
  • SECOND-YEAR MODERN GREEK 201-202 assumes familiarity with the basics of reading, writing, and speaking
  • MODERN GREEK CONVERSATION 205 aims to give confidence in the ability to handle many speaking situations and topics.
  • THIRD-YEAR MODERN GREEK 301-302 builds on the language skills acquired in the first two years of study
  • MODERN GREEK CONVERSATION II 305 emphasizes self-expression in conversational Greek. The course touches on challenging aspects of the language, such as idioms and phrases, the language of the media, and fast and furious conversations on current events.
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