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The Physics Department discourages students from changing midstream from PHYSICS 140 to PHYSICS 125 or from PHYSICS 240 to PHYSICS 126, so it is important that students choose the first course of a physics sequence with care. Prospective engineers, physicists, and chemists should elect PHYSICS 140/240 rather than PHYSICS 125/126 because concentration programs in these areas require the PHYSICS 140/240 sequence. In the case of some departmental concentration programs (e.g., biology) or in special individual circumstances, students can elect or are encouraged to elect the PHYSICS 125/126 sequence. Some advisors will advise all students who have had calculus to elect PHYSICS 140/240. Physics 140/240 can be elected by all students who have had calculus, but it should be elected only by students who enjoy solving difficult problems and who think that they will be good at it.

Note: If the Waitlist code on a Physics course is WL:5, then both sign on the waitlist through Touch-tone Registration and contact the department office.