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The Office of International Programs administers University of Michigan academic year and summer study abroad programs in countries throughout the world. It also provides academic advising regarding official University of Michigan programs, formal matriculation at foreign institutions, and some study abroad opportunities sponsored by other colleges and universities.

Students interested in earning credit toward a degree in the College by participating in a study abroad program should study carefully the material on the College's "Residence Policy" in Chapter IV and on "Non-LS&A Course Work" in Chapter III of the LS&A Bulletin.

Programs Abroad Sponsored and Administered by the University of Michigan All of the programs listed in this section earn in-residence credit. Students who attend University of Michigan programs are guaranteed that all course work taken abroad will appear on their academic record and will be calculated into their grade point average. Grades earned on direct-enrollment study abroad programs administered by the Office of International Programs are not calculated into students' overall GPAs. This policy, applies to all programs in which students are directly enrolled and participating in classes and other academic activities at the host university on the same basis as their fellow students.

Applicants for these programs should have a good academic record (3.0 GPA is recommended). Programs involving enrollment in regular classes at foreign universities require junior or senior standing by the time the program begins. Students who qualify for financial aid through the University may apply this aid to any in-residence program. Students should contact the OIP, 1712 Chemistry Bldg, for further information.

Study Abroad Sponsored by Other Groups Study Abroad Sponsored by Other Educational Institutions. Students may also participate in study abroad programs administered by other colleges and universities (both American and foreign). Transfer credit for study abroad is granted only if the program is sponsored by and appears on a transcript furnished by a fully accredited institution of higher learning. Courses for which transfer credit is given must be in the liberal arts and sciences and must not duplicate courses for which credit has already been received; students must have earned a "C" or better in these courses. Those who contemplate study abroad sponsored by groups other than colleges and universities should consult in advance the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if transfer credit is desired.

Students planning to study abroad in any program not sponsored by the University of Michigan must complete a Statement of Intent to Study Abroad, obtainable from the Office of International Programs, 1712 Chemistry Bldg or on the OIP website .