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Courses in Organizational Studies

The curriculum is designed to provide:

  1. core courses focusing on concepts fundamental to organizational theory and research;
  2. cluster and elective courses to provide breadth and depth in understanding links between the individual and organizations on the one hand, and organizations and society on the other; and
  3. courses designed to provide field based experience in organizational research, analysis and practice.

Organizational Studies Waitlist Policy

The following waitlist policy applies to all ORGSTUDY courses:

  1. Organizational Studies concentrators will be given preference on the waitlist over non-OS students (with the exception of ORGSTUDY 215; This course will follow Sociology Waitlist policies).
  2. Waitlist priority will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Once given permission, students will have 3 business days to register for the course. If a student does not use the class permission before it expires, the next student chosen by the instructor will be given permission.

It is critical that students attend classes from the beginning of the term. The department may drop a student from a course if the student does not attend the first two course meetings.

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