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Sociology is the study of social relationships structures. It focuses on relations among people, groups, organizations, classes, cultures, and society. Sociology explores and analyzes issues vital to our personal lives, communities, society, and the world. The curriculum in sociology is designed to provide students with an understanding of the social character of human life and of the impact of varying forms of social organization on human affairs. Students are introduced to the methods by which such knowledge is obtained and to the applications of sociological knowledge. Students considering sociology as a major are encouraged to speak with a sociology department advisor.

Project Community. A number of sociology majors participate in Project Community (SOC 225: Practicum in Sociology), an experiential learning and community service program. Students earn academic credit by reflecting sociologically on their volunteer experience in education, criminal justice, public health, and community organizing settings. Roles open for student volunteers include those of tutors, referral service workers, health care assistants, patient educators, prisoner and youth advocates, and recreational or artistic workshop leaders. This course is an ideal experiential complement to the academic instruction provided by the department. Students, assisted by trained undergraduate coordinators and graduate student instructors, gain useful skills and contacts while serving the needs of the community. Students can find more information about Project Community at:

Course Planning. The research methods and statistics courses facilitate the understanding of sociological themes and concepts explored in upper-division courses. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the statis-tics course in the sophomore year, the research methods course before the end of the junior year, and complete all three of the required courses before the final academic term of the senior year. Students intending to write an Honors thesis in sociology must take statistics before the first term of the junior year and the methods course no later than the second term of the junior year.

Credit Limits and Exclusions

A combined total of eight INDEPENDENT or EXPERIENTIAL credits may be included in the major. This includes SOC 225 (and 389), 321, 324, 394, 395, and 396. There is an additional limit on SOC 225 (and 389) credits; only four credits of SOC 225 (and 389) may be included in the major.

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