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CGIS Programs (6 weeks or longer)

​Go global for a summer, semester, or even a whole year! Take university courses abroad with local or American students from other schools. Courses are offered in English and/or local languages, and many of the programs have particular themes.

You can also complete your third- and fourth-term LSA language requirement in one intensive half-term in the field. Live with a host family or participate in an internship placement to immerse yourself in the local language and culture. This is a rare opportunity to enhance your language skills by putting them into practice; there is no substitute for interacting with native speakers in a country where the language is used every day. Courses and sites include Spanish 230 in San Jose, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Granada, Spain, French 230 in Grenoble, France, Italian 230 in Ferrara Italy, and AsianLan 203 in Nanjing, China.

CGIS offers over 70 opportunities in 36 countries! A full list of programs is available on

Attend a RSGG and schedule an appointment with a program advisor to learn more or for help choosing a program. Deadlines vary by program.