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Working with CGIS

The Center for Global and Intercultural Study regularly recruits faculty to direct and teach on various global study programs. Every year, CGIS partners with faculty from a variety of academic departments to offer short-term programs around the world. All continuing faculty at University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus are eligible to apply. Proposals should focus on undergraduate education, but GCC proposals may also be designed to integrate graduate and undergraduate students. Proposals may include domestic and/or international field sites; programs located outside of Western Europe will be given priority. Each site must have a minimum of 12 students to run; a typical program will have 16 students total.


If your program is selected, you will receive a grant. Exact amounts vary based on length of program, location, and so on. The remaining costs of airfare, housing, food, and excursions will be divided among student participants as the program fee. Faculty members are responsible for making all on-site arrangements and managing their project funding in conjunction with their sponsoring unit business administrator.

In addition to airfare, housing, local transportation, and on-site activity costs being covered for faculty, each GCC/GIEU faculty leader will receive a $5,000 stipend.

Proposal applications for 2015–2016 should be submitted electronically using this form by 5pm on February 28, 2015.

Business Administrator Approval Form (PDF)

Budget Sheet (Excel)

Department Chair Evaluation (PDF)

Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates
GIEU Application Deadline: February 28, 2015

Global Intercultural Experiences for Undergraduates (GIEU) are project-based off-campus experiences that revolve around significant engagement between UM students and members of their host communities. GIEU programs should focus on issues that students can address both at home and abroad, though the specific projects realized on site will correspond to the needs of the host community.
Students who enroll in GIEU take a course during CGIS winter term that introduces them to the notions of intercultural competencies and begins to prepare them for entering into a host community. Students also meet several times throughout winter semester with the Teaching Fellow (faculty or staff member) who will lead their field experience, in order to learn information specific to their field sites and projects. The teams then travel from 3-4 weeks during spring/summer term. The fall semester following the field experience, students are responsible for a group presentation on campus that will convey what they have learned through their program.

Global Course Connections
GCC Application Deadline: February 28, 2015

Global Course Connections (GCC) develop closer curricular integration between departmental course offerings and global study, providing a structured educational experience off campus within the context of a semester-long course. This semester-long course should be 3-4 credit hours and is typically offered in winter term. It will be supplemented by a 2-credit off-campus component, with travel occurring during the spring/summer term. The semester-long course could be an existing offering or a special course for this experience. Content of the off-campus field component may range from linguistic and cultural immersion to practical experiences and research. We encourage partnerships with local NGOs, universities, and other community organizations.