Benefits of a Global Education

Brazilian student looking into a microscope

Professional Advantages



The world is getting more connected every day. No matter what field you go into, you'll need a global consciousness to stay on the cutting edge of your profession; education abroad can give you a unique professional advantage in such areas as understanding cross-cultural consumer values.

Academic Advantages

Study abroad isn't just for language majors. Students on CGIS programs have done unique research in art history, clinical psychology, nursing, media studies, microbiology, sociology, comparative literature, and much more!

Supporting Research

As several studies have shown, the benefits of participating in global education programs are numerous (Cushner & Mahon, 2002; Fernández, 1996; Salisbury, Umbach, Paulsen, and Pascarella; 2009). A list of the top benefits include:

  • Personal Growth
    Just as your student learned to adapt to their new surroundings when they began college, they will again be urged to step outside of their comfort zones during their global education experience. Students typically return home with increased self-confidence and enhanced personal growth (Mistretta, 2008).
  • Intercultural Knowledge and Skills
    Through cultural immersion, students who participate in global education programs are able to gain a greater depth of knowledge about and appreciation for new cultures. This often includes acquiring advanced language skills (Magnan and Back, 2007).
  • Enhanced Global Perspective
    By experiencing the differences and similarities between their host country and their home country, your student will enhance their global perspectives and obtain a greater awareness of global affairs, including political, educational, societal, and economic issues (Fernández, 2006). This will help them gain a more mature worldview and develop a deeper understanding and respect for global issues.
  • Professional Development
    As the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan (2010) has stated, "Studying abroad will distinguish your student from his/her peers. Employers are looking for the soft skills that students typically develop abroad." These skills, among others, include critical thinking, self-sufficiency, flexibility, communication skills, as well as intercultural knowledge and awareness. Thus, through the experience of a global education program, your student will gain a competitive advantage over others in the job market.