Graduate Awards

Graduate Awards

American Chemical Society Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Research and Teaching
Award given by the ACS to recognize outstanding achievement.
Recent Awardees

Robert & Carolyn Buzzard Graduate Chemistry Student Leadership Award

Florence Fenwick Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award

Milton Tamres Outstanding Teaching Award

Alumni Fund Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award

George Ashworth Analytical Chemistry Fellowship

Robert W. Parry Award

Peter A.S. Smith Fellowship

Margaret & Herman Sokol Graduate Summer Research Fellowship

Research Excellence Award

ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Fellowship

National Science Foundation Fellowship

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) International Student Research Fellowship

Barbour Scholarship

ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award

Susan Lipschutz Award

Rackham Centennial Spring/Summer Fellowship

Rackham One-Term Dissertation Fellowship

Rackham Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award

Rackham Science Awards

Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant

Microfluidics in Biomedical Sciences Training Program

Cellular Biotechnology Training Program