Victor Vaughan Symposium

This year's Symposium is on July 30, 2014

Designed and run by graduate students, the Victor Vaughan Symposium serves as a venue for sharing exciting research taking place within the Department of Chemistry. 

The symposium is named in honor of Victor C. Vaughan (1851-1921) one of the first PhD graduates in Chemistry (1876). He later served as Dean of the Medical School (1891-1921) and president of the American Medical Association (1914-15).

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2013 Vaughan Symposium

More than 240 people attended the annual Vaughan Symposium on August 9, 2013. The keynote speaker was Jerzy Klosin, Dow Chemical Core R&D Fellow. The afternoon address was delivered by Andrei Tokmakoff, Henry G. Dale Distinguished Service Professor at the James Franck Institute and Institute for Biophysical Dynamics at the University of Chicago.

Also included were six 25-minute talks by graduate students and two student poster sessions. This year’s symposium was chaired by Heidi Phillips.

We are grateful to the Dow Chemical Foundation for their generous support of the awards made at the symposium.

Vaughan Symposium Awards

Dow Chemical Oral Presentation Travel Award: Brett Hopkins

Oral Presentation Travel Award:

  • Jeanne Hankett (Chen)
  • Rui Huang (Ramamoorthy

Poster Session Travel Awards
Analytical Cluster:

  • William Collin (Zellers)
  • Collen Dugan (Kennedy)
  • Ying Zhou (Kennedy)

ChemBio Cluster:

  • Meghan Breen (Soellner)
  • Jean Lodge (Mapp)
  • Sriram Vaidyanathan (Banaszak Holl)
  • Jessica Rabuck (Ruotolo)

Inorganic Cluster:

  • Monica Lotz (Sanford)
  • Fangting Yu (Pecoraro)
  • James Brancho (Bartlett)

Materials Cluster: 

  • Junsi Gu (Maldonado)
  • Laura Pfund (Matzger)
  • Laura Thoma (Kuroda)
  • Peter Goldberg (McNeil)

Organic Cluster:

  • Ian Pendleton (Zimmerman & Sanford)
  • Anna Wagner (Sanford)
  • Jeremiah Alicea (Wolfe)

Physical Cluster:

  • Beth Haas (Biteen)
  • Surma Talapatra (Geva)
  • Leslie Upton (Goodson)
  • Jessica Donehue (Biteen)

(Professors denoted by parentheses.)