The Department of Chemistry offers five majors to undergraduate students. The study of Chemistry develops the ability to solve problems and to think critically.  

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Major in Chemistry

B.S. degree for those who desire to prepare for jobs in the chemical industry, education, and related fields.  See our Advising page for Chemistry Major worksheet.

Major in Biochemistry

B.S. degree in Biochemistry is for students interested in learning about life from a chemical perspective. Excellent preparation for graduate studies in biochemistry, chemical biology, and other life sciences fields; excellent preparation for professional careers in industry and medicine. See our Advising page for Biochemistry Major worksheet.

Major in Biomolecular Science

B.S. Biomolecular Sciences provides students with the core knowledge necessary to understand the chemical principles underpinning biology and the option to explore other courses in chemistry, biophysics, and molecular, cellular and developmental biology. Consider this major only if you are planning a career outside the biological sciences. If you intend to pursue graduate studies or an industrial career in the biochemistry or related areas, you are strongly encouraged to elect the Biochemistry major.  See our Advising page for Biomolecular Science Major worksheet.

Major in Chemical Science

B.S. in Chemical Science degree provides exposure to all sub-disciplines in Chemistry, but allows more flexibility in course selection than the BS Chemistry degree.  Undergraduate research is an option, but not a requirement. The major is directed towards students with interdisciplinary interests who are not planning to either attend a traditional graduate program in chemistry or to find immediate employment in the chemical industry.  It is good preparation for those planning to attend graduate school in an interdisciplinary field where chemical knowledge will be beneficial, and for students interested in chemistry but planning to pursue post-graduate degrees in the Health Sciences.    See our Advising page for Chemical Science Major worksheet.

Major in Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences

The Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences (ICS) major allows students the flexibility to supplement a core study of chemistry with courses in complementary fields. This major can be effective preparation for graduate study in the sciences, graduate studies in an interdisciplinary area that might benefit from a strong science background; for medical, law, and business schools; or for direct entry into the job market. Because students pursuing the ICS degree have a wide variety of career goals, advising from a chemistry major advisor is especially important.  See our Advising page for Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences Major worksheet.

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