Academic Advising appointments are available online.  

Major Advising

Major Advisors are available to provide advice on:
• the requirements for the different majors
• guidance on course selections
• guidance on the various careers open to students with chemistry or biochemistry degrees
• suitability of the various majors as a foundation for further professional training such as graduate or medical school.  

Major advisors have authority in exceptional circumstances to modify departmental requirements, but not College-level requirements.

There are three times when students are required to see advisors:

  1. To declare a major (the sooner the better)
  2. To file a major release form (usually first term senior year)
  3. To make any change in a major plan that would require an exception to be made to the course requirements.

Major in Chemistry  worksheet
Major in Biochemistry  worksheet
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Major in Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences  worksheet


Minor in Biochemistry worksheet
Minor in Chemistry worksheet
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Department of Chemistry Waitlist Policy

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