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華動 ChinaActive

Spectators, participants, and performers …
engaged in action, culture, and sharing—a part of Chinese and festival tradition…
embracing yuan, a sense of unity and harmony.

ChinaActive provides a forum to explore China on the move—festivals, dragon boat racing, and the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The sensational and exciting aspects of celebrations, competitions, and events is called renao 熱鬧 in Chinese, meaning “noisy and flourishing.” To learn about a culture is to participate in its living celebrations, and in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese communities, festivals and gatherings dominate the calendar. These events may commemorate historical figures, safeguard the year ahead, showcase a seasonal ritual, or highlight athletic prowess. In all cases, such times unite individuals by bringing teams, families, and colleagues together to actively celebrate and to share in cultural traditions and global exchange. Festivals are living dynamic celebrations, many of which have absorbed significant change particularly in the last century. Nevertheless, communal events are as necessary now as in the past for society and for the individual—they are about cultural identity, transition, and personal discovery.

Highlights include:

  • First ever U-M sponsored dragon boat race on the Huron River with 20 teams in friendly competition
  • Traditional drum and gong processions, lion dancing, and martial arts presented by university and community groups
  • Staging green festivals in partnership with the City of Ann Arbor and the Huron River Watershed Council
  • Education about body movement and exercise through hands-on participation in boat regattas and traditional forms of Chinese movement
  • Pre-Olympic highlights celebrating the kinesiology of bodies in motion
  • Top of the Park “Sunrise to Moonrise” Global Party

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