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華綠 ChinaGreen

Activists, educators, and individuals…
saving endangered environments—
a challenge to build energy-efficient societies.

ChinaGreen demonstrates the overwhelming need to respect the link between man and nature. As China surges ahead in manufacturing and global trade, its environmental stresses cannot be ignored in an interconnected world. Scarcity of water, air pollution, chronic deforestation, and lack of political accountability—problems for China’s development—have also led to a growing hunger for limited commodities throughout the rest of the world. The world, however, does not have the resources to meet these growing challenges and supply all the needs of 1.3 billion Chinese. Reduction of industrial emissions, conservation, clean fuels, and recycling are necessary solutions for China, but ones likely to impede the near-term growth of the country’s economic boom. What are China’s problems, however, are also the world’s problems. Depletion of resources, polluted waters, and accelerated greenhouse gas emissions are everyone’s concerns, and only a truly global response can address our endangered environment.

Highlights include:

  • Discussion of LSA Book Read, James Kynge “China Shakes the World”
  • International symposium on major environmental challenges
  • Staging of green events at Theme Year festivals throughout the year
  • Arboretum exhibitions of indigenous Chinese plants and herbs

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