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華今 ChinaNow

Entrepreneurs, architects, citizens, and consumers…
defining a China on the rise and…
its place in this century.

The cornerstone of the LSA Theme Year, ChinaNow spotlights challenges and opportunities associated with the rise of China that are both domestic and international. Among the themes on the forefront of academic debate are Chinese cities as global cities; rules of law and society in China; land, property and labor rights; environmental protection and public health management; domestic social movements; population and family change; the world market; the Chinese diaspora; and Cultural China. Bold theoretical and methodological agendas for assessing Chinese studies in American, European, and Asian academic traditions are also being envisioned by leading figures in various disciplines contributing to the interdisciplinary and internalization of scholarship.

China comes into focus looking to the east or west, a country developing at an astonishing pace, benefiting from partnership, dialogue, and an informed world view.

Highlights include:

  • A summer reading program for 1500 first-year undergraduates who will read and discuss James Kynge’s “China Shakes the World”
  • A noon lecture series exploring “China Through A Global Lens”
  • A fall 2007 Chinese contemporary documentary film event at the Michigan Theater
  • A winter 2008 Chinese documentary film series
  • A public lecture series on China to be held occasional Friday evenings at Rackham
  • New introductory courses on modern China
  • Student photography competition visually capturing China’s traditions both old and new
  • International conference on the study of China

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