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華美 ChinaPartners

Students, professors, presidents, and administrators…
forging partnerships and commitments…
for international understanding and progress…

ChinaPartners highlights the spectrum of China partnerships across U-M units. For nearly a century and a half, the University of Michigan has had a close relationship with China due largely, in its early stages, to University of Michigan President James B. Angell who served as Minister to China in 1880–81. Today, as China becomes one of the global powers of commerce and politics in the 21st century, UM enjoys strong partnerships with Chinese institutions of higher education and continues to strengthen its leadership position in Chinese studies as well as in research and teaching exchanges with Chinese collaborators.

Mary Sue Coleman, President of the University, traveled to China in 2005 to sign a series of agreements of cooperation with Chinese universities. This effort confirmed the University’s commitment to establish and enhance partnerships in China so that U-M faculty and students – and the University as a whole – can benefit from new opportunities in the globalizing world. At the same time, U-M has much to offer in terms of both expertise and experience. This past summer, LSA Dean Terrence J. McDonald visited Shanghai and Beijing to discuss several initiatives, including an exchange program involving undergraduate studies in chemistry. “China is looking to American universities as a way of modeling their own institutions,” Dean McDonald observed. “Despite all the challenges China is facing, they are investing in higher education, and they are partnering with universities like Michigan to train university officials in China.” To identify and develop campus-wide opportunities in China, the University has also formed a China Initiatives program. An inventory of China-related projects and programs across the University can be viewed at the China Inititiatives for the 21st Century website.


  • reprinting of Bentley Historical Library’s booklet that documents the long relationship between UM and China
  • exhibition of the History of U-M and China on view Fall 2007 at the Michigan Union

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