Ph.D. Alumni and Dissertations

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Recently Defended Dissertations +

December 1, 2014
Clara Bosak-Schroeder

Ecology, History, and the Other in Ancient Greece
Director: Francesca Schironi




2014-15 Dissertations In Progress +

Kate Allen
"Malo quam bene olere nil olere": Odor in Roman Thought and Literature
Director: Ruth Caston

Ellen Cole
Lethaeus Amor: Love and Memory in Latin Elegiac Poetry
Director: Basil Dufallo

Nicholas Geller
Roman Architecture: The Idea of the Monument in the Poetic Reimagination of the Augustan Age
Director: Basil Dufallo

Michael McOsker
The Poetics and Practice of Philodemus
Director: Richard Janko

Matthew Newman
The Ruins of Heaven: Linguistic and Poetic Indices of Cosmic Instability in Ancient Mediterranean Myth and Thought
Director: Richard Janko

Nicholas Rupert
The Evolution of a Poet: Statius’ Achilleid and the Poetics of Self-Reception
Co-Directors: Paolo Asso and Kathleen Coleman (Harvard)

Bram ten Berge
Tacitus on Principate and Empire: From Agricola to Annals
Director: David S. Potter


Completed Dissertations

A list of Ph.D. alumni is listed below by decade. Each entry includes current job title and employer when known as well as the title of the dissertation.

2011-present +


Clara Bosak-Schroeder
Ecology, History, and the Other in Ancient Greece


Harriet Fertik
(Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire)
Publicity, Privacy, and Power in Neronian Rome



Evelyn Adkins
(Visiting Assistant Professor, Kenyon College)
Rudis Locutor: Speech and Self-Fashioning in Apuleius' Metamorphoses


Emily Bembeneck
The Princess in Another Castle: Multi-Linear Stories in Oral Epic and Video Games


Matthew Cohn
(Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities, Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto)
The Admonishing Muse: Ancient Interpretations of Personal Abuse in Old Comedy



Carolyn Gersh
Naming the Body: A Translation with Commentary and Interpretive Essays of Three Anatomical Works Attributed to Rufus of Ephesus


Joseph Groves
(Lecturer I, University of Michigan)
Ethics and Imperialism in Livy


Katherine Lu Hsu
(Assistant Professor, Brooklyn College; Director, Summer Institute)
Heracles and Heroic Disaster


Jonathan Rowland
Footnotes to Sappho: An Examination of the Female Poets of Greece


Rebecca Sears
(Visiting Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University)
The Practical Muse: Reconstructing the Contexts of a Greek Musical Papyrus



Cassandra Borges
The Geography of the /Iliad/ in Ancient Scholarship

Dina S. Guth
(University of Winnipeg)
Character and Rhetorical Strategy. Philip II of Macedon in Fourth-Century Athens

Julia P. Shapiro
Politics and the Body: Political uses of physiognomic stereotypes in Classical Athens from the Archaic Period through the 4th Century B.C.

Rajesh Mittal
Fata viam invenient: Virgil, Augustus, and the Philosophy of History

Shonda Tohm
Contesting Masculinity: Locating the Male Body in Roman Elegy

2000-2010 +

Britta Ager
(Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics, Kalamazoo College)
Roman Agricultural Magic

Evangeline Lyons
(Lecturer I, University of Michigan)
Hellenic Philosophers as Ambassadors to the Roman Empire: performance, parrhesia, and power

Ricardo Apostol
(Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University)
Rome’s Bucolic Landscapes: Place, Prophecy, and Power in Aeneid VIII

J. Matthew Harrington
(Visiting Lecturer, Tufts University)
Mens Sana: authorized Emotions and the Construction of Identity and Deviance in the Saturae of Juvenal

Geoff Maturen
Hellenism and the Cultural Capital: Lucian's Critique of Imperial Greek Culture

Jason Parnell
(employed in the private sector)
Neoplatonist Theurgy and Christian Mystagogy

Richard Persky
(Lecturer I, University of Michigan)
Kairos: A Cultural History of Time in the Greek Polis

Amanda Regan
(Visiting Professor, Indiana Univeristy)
The Geography of Narrative in Apollonius of Rhodes

C. Michael Sampson
(Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba)
Themis in Sophocles

Brian Calabrese
(attending law school)
Fear in Democracy: A Study of Thucydides’ Political Thought

Kathryn L. Seidl Steed
(Assistant Professor, Carleton College)
Memory and Leadership in the Late Roman Republic

Sanjaya Thakur
(Assistant Professor, Colorado College)
Ovid and the Language of Succession

Jake MacPhail
(Language Lecturer of Classics, New York University)
The Fragments of Porphyry's Homeric Questions (a new critical edition)

Chad Schroeder
(Lecturer, University of California - Santa Barbara)
Hesiod in the Hellenistic Imagination

Kate Bosher
(Assistant Professor, Northwestern University)
Theater of the Periphery: the social and political history of early theater in Sicily

Adam Kemezis
(Assistant Professor, University of Alberta)
The Roman Past under the Severans: Cassius Dio, Philostrartus and Herodian

Kris Fletcher
(Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University)
Ovid, Mythography, and the Translation of Myth

Patrick Hogan
(Lecturer, Wayne State University and University of Michigan)
A Terrible Passion and a Marvelous Love: Greco-Roman Education and Elite Self-Presentation in the High Empire

Bernd Steinbock
(Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario)
Social Memory in 4th Century Athenian Public Discourse

Lauren E. Caldwell
(Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University)
The Female Transition to Adulthood in the Early Roman Empire

Kendra Eshleman
(Assistant Professor, Boston College)
Neither Outside nor Inside: Becoming Heretical in Second-Century Christianity

John A. Lobur
(Associate Professor, University of Mississippi)
Consensus and Concordia in the Formation of the Roman Principate and Their
Resonance in Early Imperial Prose

Timothy B. Allison
(employed in the private sector)
Aeschylean Stylistics: A Study of Linguistic Variation

Rosemary L. Moore
(Lecturer of Classics and History, University of Iowa)
The Art of Command: The Roman Army General and His Troops, 135 BC-138 AD

John P. Given III
(Assistant Professor, Director of Classical Studies, East Carolina University)
Intellectual Poets in Theory and On Stage: Euripides, Aristophanes, Protagoras

Robert C. Caldwell III
(Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics, Trinity College)
Between State and Steppe: New Evidence for Society in Sixth-Century Southern Transjordan

Jeremy G. Taylor
Framing the Past: The Roots of Greek Chronography

Darren B. Keefe
(Teacher, Greek and Latin, University School, Cleveland)
Defining Ambiguity: A Study of Lucan's Poetics

David D. Phillips
(Associate Professor, University of California, Los Angeles)
Homicide, Wounding, and Battery in the Fourth-Century Attic Orators

1990-1999 +

David E. Kutzko
(Associate Professor, Western Michigan University)
Herodas, Mime, and Comedy: Tradition and Reception in Mimiamboi 6 and 7

J.H. Kim On Chong-Gossard
(Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne, Australia)
Between Song and Silence: Gender and Communication in the Plays of Euripides

Joseph L. Rife
(Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University)
Death, Ritual and Memory in Greek Society during the Early and Middle Roman Empire

David A. Guinee
(Professor of Classics, DePauw University)
The Roman Argonautica: Valerius Flaccus and the Epic Tradition

Christopher L. H. Barnes
Tarentum Victum: Processes of Evolution

Stephen Rex Stem
(Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis)
Cicero and the Legacy of Cato Uticensis

Patrick J. E. McFadden
(Teacher of Latin, St. Mary's Episcopal School, Memphis, TN)
The Discourse Function of Discontinous Noun Phrases in Latin: A Discourse-Pragmatic Approach to a Word-Order Pattern

John D. Muccigrosso
(Associate Professor, Dept of Classics; Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Drew University)
Factional Competition and Monumental Construction in Mid-Republican Rome

Molly Pasco-Pranger
(Associate Professor, University of Mississippi)
Conditor Anni: Ovid's Fasti and the Poetics of the Julio-Claudian Calendar

Kristina L. Milnor
(Tow Associate Professor of Classics, Barnard College)
Suis Omnia Tuta Locis: Women, Place, and Public Life in the Age of Augustus

Brian K. Harvey
(Associate Professor, Kent State University)
The Nature of the Roman Monarchy in the Late First/Early Second Centuries A.D.: The Reigns of Nerva and Trajan to the Acquisition of Arabia

Donka D. Markus
(Lecturer II, University of Michigan)
The Politics of Entertainment: Tradition and Romanization in Statius: Thebaid

Susan H. Prince
(Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati)
Antisthenes on Language, Thought and Culture

Mark Buchan
Self as Cipher: Language and Identity in Homer

Daniel B. McGlathery
Petronius and Neronian Literary Ideology

Robert J. Sklenar
(Associate Professor, University of Tennessee)
Virtus in Lucan

Clifford C. Ando
(Professor of Classics and the College, Professor of History, University of Chicago)
Communis patria

Matthew A. Kraus
(Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies, University of Cincinnati)
Jerome's Translation of the Book of Exodus Iuxta Hebraeos in Relation to Classical, Christian, and Jewish Traditions of Interpretation

Anne B. Nelson
The Classroom of Didymus the Blind

Michael L. Meckler
Caracalla and His Late-Antique Biographer: A Historical Commentary on the Vita Caracalli in the Historia Augusta

Netta R. Berlin
(Lecturer II, University of Michigan)
Dreams in Roman Epic: The Hermeneutics of a Narrative Technique

Jennifer B. Clarke-Kosak
(Associate Professor of Classics, Bowdoin College)
The Pain of the Living: Suffering and Healing in Euripidean Tragedy

Brad E. McNellen
(Latin teacher, Detroit Country Day School)
Persian Nomos and Paranomia in Herodotus

Ira Mark Milne
Nepos' Biographies as Encomia: A Philological and Linguistic Analysis

David D. Leitao
(Professor and Chair, Classics Department, San Francisco State University)
The "Measure of Youth": Body and Gender in Boys' Transitions in Ancient Greece

Gina M. Soter
(Lecturer II, University of Michigan)
The Curse of Oedipus: Action and Utterance in Three Tragedians

Geoffrey S. Sumi
(Professor of Classics and Dean of Students, Mt. Holyoke College)
Public Performances and Political Symbols: The Rise of Octavianus in 44 B.C.

Jeri B. DeBrohun
(Associate Professor of Classics, Brown University)
Hercules Belabored: Propertius 4.9 and the Discourses of Elegy

Ariel Loftus
(Associate Professor, Wichita State University)
Ritual in Greek Politics: Athens at the End of the Fifth Century

Deborah R. Davies
(Chair of Classical and World Languages, Brooks School)
Genealogy and Catalogue: Thematic Relevance and Narrative Elaboration in Homer and Hesiod

Cynthia J. Bannon
(Associate Professor, Indiana University)
Consors Mecum Temporum Illorum: Brothers in Republican Rome

James T. Kearney
Ammianus Marcellinus and his Roman Audience

Roger T. Macfarlane
(Professor, Departments of Classics and Comparative Literature, Brigham Young University)
The Narrative of Politics: Julius Caesar and the Bellum Civile

Ellen A. Bauerle
(Manager, Acquisitions Department; Senior Acquiring Editor for Classics and Archaeology, German Studies, Music, Fiction, and Early Modern History, University of Michigan Press)
Procuring an Election: Ambitus in the Roman Republic, 432-49 B.C.

Gregg Schwendner
(Lecturer, Wichita State University)
Literary and Non-Literary Papyri from the University of Michigan Collection

Kristin O. Lord
(Wilfrid Laurier University)
Pindar in the Second and Third Hymns of Callimachus

1980-1989 +

Alexander D. Kurke
Theme and Adversarial Presentation in Cicero's Pro Flacco

John D. Dillery
(University of Virginia)
Xenophon's Historical Perspectives

Benjamin A. Victor
(University of Montréal)
A New Critical Edition of Terence's Andria

James V. Morrison
(Centre College)
Homeric Misdirection: False Predictions in the Iliad

Louise H. Pratt
(Emory College)
Lying and Poetry from Homer to Pindar

Diane M. Juffras
(University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill [law])
Friendship and Faction in Sophocles: Greek Political Thinking and the Ajax, Antigone, and Oedipus at Colonus

Alison M. Keith
(University of Toronto)
The Play of Fictions: Studies in Ovid, Metamorphoses 2. 531-835

Mark J. Petrini
(Columbia University [medicine])
Children and Heroes: A Study of Catullus and Vergil

James A. Tucker
Ritual Insults for Gluttony and Laziness in Greek Poetic Initiations: Theogony 26 and its Echos

John N. Rauk
(Michigan State University)
The Lover's Farewell: A Study of the Propemptikon in Greek and Latin Literature

Philip L. Andreini
(Fresno City College)
Speech, Context, and Narrative Point Aspects of Speech in Tacitus' Annals

Carl A. Anderson
(Michigan State University)
The Epithets of Athena in Aristophanes

James J. O'Hara
(University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Death and the Optimistic Prophecy in the Aeneid

Thomas A. J. McGinn
(Vanderbilt University)
Prostitution and Julio-Claudian Legislation: The Formation of Social Policy in Early Imperial Rome

Thomas Keith Dix
(University of Georgia)
Private and Public Libraries at Rome in the First Century B.C.: A Preliminary Study in the Historyof Roman Libraries

John F. Petrucione
(Catholic University of America)
Prudentius' Use of Martyrological Topoi in Peristephanon

David G. Martinez
(University of Chicago)
P. Mich. 6925: A New Magical Love Charm

Maryline G. Parca
(University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
A Late Greek Tragedy on the Theft of the Palladion: P. Colon. Inv. Nr. 5932

Hermann S. Schibli
(Universität Passau)
The Narrative of Politics: Julius Caesar and the Bellum Civile

John P. Bodel
(Brown University)
Freedmen in the Satyricon of Petronius

Marie T. Gingras
(University of Colorado, Denver)
Character and Literary Choice: The Minor Individuals in Tacitus' Annals I-VI

Martha A. W. Baldwin (now Bowsky)
(College of the Pacific)
Fasti Cretae Et Cyrenarum: Imperial Magistrates of Crete and Cyrenaica During the Julio-Claudian Period

Anne H. Groton
(St. Olaf College)
A Commentary on Menander's Aspis 1-163

Dennis P. Kehoe
(Tulane University)
The Economics of Food Production on Roman Imperial Estates in North Africa

Robert W. Daniel
(Universität zu Köln)
Greek Papyri From the Collections of Freiburg, Vienna and Michigan

Robert C. Ketterer
(University of Iowa)
The Dramatic Function of Stage Properties in Nine Plays of Plautus

Susan D. Martin
(University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Building Contracts in Classical Roman Law

Susan C. Shelmerdine
(University of North Carolina, Greensboro)
The Homeric Hymn to Hermes: A Commentary (1-114) with Introduction

Michael B. Poliakoff
(President, National Council on Teacher Quality)
Studies in the Terminology of the Greek Combat Sports

Peter M. Bing
(Professor of Classics, Emory University)
Callimachus' Hymn to Delos 1-99: Introduction and Commentary

Mary Taliaferro Boatwright
(Duke University)
Tacitus and the Wealth, Enrichment and Impoverishment of the Roman Upper Classes

Leah Rissman
Homeric Allusion in the Poetry of Sappho

Barbara M. Weiden (now Weiden Boyd)
(Bowdoin College)
Cynthia and Rome in the Development of Propertius' Literary Identity

1970-1979 +

Richard F. Thomas
(currently at Harvard University)
Ethnography and the Landscapes of Augustan Poetry

Harold Y. McCulloch, Jr
(currently at Wagner College)
Remedia Tardiora: Patterns of Devolution in the Annals of Tacitus

Shelley P. Haley
(currently at Hamilton College)
The Role of Amicitia in the Life of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

Meredith C. Hoppin
(currently at Williams College)
The Theme of Mutability and Dramatic Unity in Four Plays of Sophocles

John Clayton Fant
(currently at University of Akron)
The Curatores Rei Publicae in Italy from Their Inception to the Death of Commudus

Helena R. Dettmer
(currently at University of Iowa)
The Structural Pattern of Horace's Odes

Robert J. Rabel
(currently at University of Kentucky)
Theories of the Emotions in the Old Stoa

Nancy E. Priest
Homeric Papyri in the Michigan Collection

Rick M. Newton
(currently at Kent State University)
Oedipus and the Ways of Knowing

John D. McLaughlin†
The Relevancy of the Mythological Episodes to Ovid's Ars Amatoria

Stephen D. Laruccia
The Concept of Peace in the Works of Tacitus

James V. Romano
The Literary Art of Archilochos: The Elegiac Poems

Robert H. Brophy III
(currently at Syracuse University)
Mancupium and Mancipatio in Plutus: One Specimen of Plautine Legal Humore and Metaphor

Joel B. Itzkowitz
(currently at Wayne State University)
A Critical Edition of Lucian's Vitarum Auction and Piscator

Daniel V. McCaffrey
(currently at Randolph-Macon College)
The Thematic Arrangement of Ovid's Amores

Robert J. Edgeworth
(currently at Louisiana State University)
The Uses of Color Terms in the Aeneid

William E. Metcalf
(currently at Yale University)
The Cistophori of Hadrian

Peter G. Ansorge
(currently at Texas Lutheran University)
Objective and Subjective Tradition in the Ajax of Sophocles

Robert W. Sawyer
(currently at Hiram College)
An Analysis of the Political, Economic and Social Influence of Select Families of Colonial Pompeii

Sylvia G. Brown (now Brown Hamano)
(currently at Ryukoku University [law])
Metrical Studies in the Lyrics of Euripides' Late Plays

Charles I. Terbille
(currently at Brigham Young University)
William of Aragon's Commentary on Boethius' De Consolatione Philosophia

Theodore A. Tarkow
(currently at University of Missouri, Columbia)
Three Aeschylean Exodoi: A Study of the Concluding Scenes of the Persians, the Seven, and the Suppliants

Julius Redling
(currently at Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten)
The Dramatic Function of Philia in the Later Plays of Sophocles

William S. Moran
(currently at Dartmouth College [library])
Mimnhskomai in Homer

Richard Hamilton
(currently at Bryn Mawr College)
General Form in the Odes of Pindar

Carl W. Querbach
(retired from University of Windsor)
A Formulaic Analysis of Books Ten and Sixteen of the Iliad

Thomas G. McCarty
Cornelius Nepos: Studies in his Technique of Biography

1960-1969 +

Michael G. Moore
(currently at University of Houston)
Galen: Introduction to the Bones. A Critical Edition with Translation and Indices

Olin J. Storvick
(currently at Concordia College)
Atticism in the Theophrastus of Aeneas of Gaza

Mae J. Smethurst
(currently at University of Pittsburgh)
The Balance of Justice: Aischylos' Oresteia

Gerald M. Brown
Documentary Papyri From the Michigan Collection

David L. Sigsbee†
The Ridicule of the Stoic Paradoxes in Ancient Satirical Literature

Jeremiah Reedy
(currently at Macalester College)
Galen, De Tumoribus Praeter Naturam, A Critical Edition with Translation and Indices

James J. Helm
(currently at Oberlin College)
Demetrius Triclinius and the Textual Tradition of the Oresteia

John T. Davis†
Fides and the Construction of Propertius' Books I and II

Edward M. Michael
A Critical Edition of Select Michigan Papyri/p> 1963
Sister Margaret Michaella Folliard, O. P.
Some Aspects of the Diction of Aeschylus

Wilfred C. Johannes (Rev.)
The People of Menander: A Study of Nouns Designating Family, Occupation, Social and Servile Class

Johannes Helms
(retired from Valparaiso University)
Character Portrayal in the Romance of Chariton

William G. Thomson†
An Evaluation of a Technique for Improving Reading Comprehension in Latin

Hans A. Pohlsander
Metrical Studies in the Lyrics of Sophocles

1940-1959 +

Robert T. Otten
(retired from Calvin College)
Metron, Mesos, and Kairos: A Semasiological Study

Robert N. Mooney
Character Portrayal and Distortion in Ammianus Marcellinus

Myrtle Soles
Studies in Colloquial Language in the Poems of Catullus

Walter A. Markowicz
The Text Tradition of St. John Chrysostom's Homilies on Genesis and MSS Michiganenses 139, 78, and Holkhamicus 61

George F. Osmun
Dialogue Technique in Menander

Finley A. Hooper
(retired from Wayne State University)
Funerary Stelae From Kom Abou Billou

Arthur F. Carlson
The Orthography and Phonology of the Latin Papyri

Edith M. A. Kovach†
A Study of the Manuscripts of the Florilegium of the Letters of Symmachus

Peter Ruthven
Islamic Textiles: A Catalogue of the H. A. Elsberg Collection of Egypto-Arab Textiles