Kyle Morrison

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MA in Latin with Teaching Certification

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    Kyle earned his B.A. in Classics at Arizona State University where he also minored in History. His honors thesis was a literary reading of the Latin satirist Persius’ Prologue and First Satire. Kyle greatly enjoys satire both as a literary device and as a literary genre, and he would be interesting in exploring the avenue of using satirical texts in teaching Latin. While finishing his BA, Kyle taught Latin at the middle school level, and he decided that teaching was the path he wanted to take with his studies. Kyle is currently working on the M.A. in Latin with Teaching Certification program. Once he has completed his degree, Kyle plans to teach Latin at the high school level. A lofty dream of his involves eventually designing his own curriculum and writing his own textbook for his students. Kyle is an adamant proponent of the principle mens sana in copore sano, so when he is not studying or teaching, Kyle is almost certainly actively exercising, discussing exercise and healthy lifestyle habits, or attempting to sleep.