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PhD in Classical Studies

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    Dan took his A.B. in Classics from Columbia University in 2011, where his undergraduate
    thesis, entitled "On the Origin of Speeches by Means of Political Selection: Greek Oratory and
    Politics in Cicero's Brutus," nurtured a strong interest in Roman intellectual history that
    continues unabated. He is also deeply interested in Platonic and Hellenistic philosophy, Roman historiography, Greek and Roman oratory and rhetoric, classical reception studies, and the
    history of classical scholarship, and intends to narrow those interests down as soon as the
    customary dire threats are made. In his spare time, Dan likes to run, read novels both literary
    and trashy, and sing a truly astonishing range of Broadway show tunes at occasionally-
    inopportune moments. He is also an avid member of the University of Michigan Men's Glee