Graduate Exams

All written exams (except for preliminary exams) will be set by two readers who will be selected by the graduate adviser. The examiners should make up the exam in consultation with each other. They should grade the exam independently. If there is a discrepancy of more than half a grade, and they cannot resolve this discrepancy after discussion between themselves, the graduate advisor will appoint a third reader. The graduate advisor will also review all the exams before they are given, to ensure that the difficulty of the exam is roughly in line with other such exams that have been given in recent years. Students may take the exams anonymously if they wish.

Preliminary Exams

Details on the three categories of preliminary examination are outlined below.

Advancing to Candidacy

Admission to candidacy requires the successful completion of all exams, the fulfillment of the history of literature requirement, and the three preliminary exams. Click the link to read more.