FAQs About Graduation

Why do I have to apply for graduation?

In LS&A you have to apply in order to graduate; the reason for applying is to have the College officially verify that you have satisfied all the requirements for your degree. The College doesn’t graduate you automatically as soon as requirements are met because students have the right to stay longer if they wish.

What forms do I need to submit for graduation?

All students need to fill out and submit a Diploma Application (no signatures required), and all AB, BS, and BS Chem degree candidates also need to submit a Senior Concentration Release form, which requires the concentration advisor’s signature.

  • Honors students use a different form, available at the Honors Office, 1330 Mason Hall.
  • RC Students should apply through the RC, even if they have LSA Concentrations.

Where do I get the forms I need to apply for graduation?

All forms can be picked up in the LS&A Advising Center, 1255 Angell Hall and in the LSA Academic Auditors office, G255 Angell Hall.

Where do I turn in the forms once they are filled out?

All forms should be returned to the LS&A Advising Center, 1255 Angell Hall, or to the LSA Academic Auditors Office, G255 Angell Hall.

Created by the LSA Academic Auditors