Marsh Lectures

Thanks to the generous gift of Howard R. Marsh, the Department of Communication Studies is home to the  Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor of Journalism. Each year, the Department hires a mid-career journalist or an academic who studies journalism to fill this endowed chair. The Marsh Professor teaches two classes based on his or her particular expertise in both the fall and winter semesters.

In addition to teaching courses, the Marsh Professor also gives a public talk in the spring.  What follows is a collection of the Marsh Lectures starting in 2007.

For information on the upcoming Marsh Lecture, please visit our events page after January 1st.

2014: James O'Shea

"Journalism Now and Then: A Story of Peril--and Promise.”

2012: Stephen Bloom

"Can We Wean Ourselves From The Kardashians?"

2010: Graham Griffith

"A Look at Journalism During Periods of Crisis."

2008: Fara Warner

"The Perils and Promises for Global Press Freedom in the 21st Century"

2013: Vanessa Gezari

“Storytelling at the Tip of the Spear: Fact, Metaphor, and Meaning in Afghanistan.”

2011: Michael Dobbs

"Tweeting the Revolution: The Role of Social Media in Toppling Dictatorships."

2009: Fara Warner

"The Blogosphere: The Future of Journalism?"

2007: Mark McDonald

"The Media at War - Covering Iraq and Afghanistan."