Giving Opportunities

The majority of gifts from alumni are dedicated to supporting our students and enhancing our curriculum. The faculty and our students are so grateful for the ongoing, committed support of our alumni to the educational mission of the department and the college. Gifts of all sizes are deeply appreciated. There are a range of ways to support our program, which include:

Strategic Fund

This fund supports a variety of departmental activities including hosting prominent speakers, supporting events sponsored by our student organizations (the Michigan Association for Communication Studies and the Student Media Watchdog Association), recruiting faculty candidates, and other projects and initiatives that support the department's academic mission.

Communication Studies Fund for Academic Excellence

Supports our graduate students in their research and progress through the program. As our alumni know, Graduate Student Instructors play a crucial role in our curriculum, and many of them have become beloved teachers and mentors to our undergraduates. They also work very hard on their own research, which produces the next generation of knowledge about the media and society, and we are so pleased to have their contributions honored by this fund. The fund was made possible by the very generous bequest from the Charles M. Conlon Estate. Mr. Conlon graduated from the journalism program.

Create a Named Summer Internship Stipend Award, Undergraduate

Would support students interested in careers in journalism and related media industries to participate in unpaid summer internships that provide them with real world experience and networking opportunities. Currently some of our students are financially unable to accept these internships because nearly all of them are unpaid. $1000-$2000 a year, or an endowment that would generate this amount annually.

Create a Named Scholarship Award, Undergraduate or Graduate

Would provide an annual award to a needy student to help support his or her education. Current scholarships range from $1000-$5000 a year.

Endow a Named Visiting Scholars Program

Would allow us to bring a distinguished visiting scholar to teach a mini course or for a seminar on a topic of his/her specialization and would meet with faculty and students to promote cross-fertilization of ideas.

Endow a Named International Scholarly Exchange Program

Would support bringing into our department international communication studies scholars for a semester or year long residence, and/or send our faculty and graduate students to another major international institution to exchange knowledge, develop collaborative research and teaching projects, and expand our global horizons about the uses and impact of communications technologies around the world and in other societies.

Support Conferences on Issues of National Concern

Would bring in experts from the academy and industry to discuss pressing issues relating to the media, for example:

•Crisis in the News Media: Analyses and Prescriptions
•The Mass Media, Public Health and the ongoing Health Care Debate
•The Media and Civic Engagement: What is the University’s Role?

Endow a Named Professorship in Communication Studies

Would support the hiring of a top scholar in our field to further enhance the profile, research and teaching of the department.