• Megan Ankerson

    Megan Sapnar Ankerson

    Assistant Professor 5431 North Quad

    New and Emerging Media; Web History; Visual Culture734.763.2145 / ankerson@umich.edu

  • Ted Brader

    Ted Brader

    Faculty Associate 4269 Institute for Social Research

    Political Psychology;Public Opinion;Media and Politics734.936.1777 / tbrader@umich.edu

  • brock, andre

    André Brock

    Assistant Professor 5381 North Quad

    New and Emerging Media; Race, Ethnicity, and the Media734.647.9591 / brocka@umich.edu

  • campbell, scott

    Scott Campbell

    Constance F. and Arnold C. Pohs Professor of Telecommunications 5438 North Quad

    New and Emerging Media; Mobile Communications734.764.8106 / swcamp@umich.edu

  • Coleman

    Robin Means Coleman

    Professor and Department Chair 5376 North Quad (Administrative Office)

    Race and the Media; Black Popular Culture; Audience Ethnography734.764.0423 / rrmc@umich.edu

  • Collings

    Anthony Collings

    Lecturer IV 5437 North Quad

    Critical Journalism Studies; Foreign News Coverage; Journalistic Ethics734.763.4792 / collings@umich.edu

  • Dal Cin

    Sonya Dal Cin

    Associate Professor 5419 North Quad

    Media Psychology; Health and the Media734.615.0380 / sdalcin@umich.edu

  • Douglas

    Susan Douglas

    Catherine Neafie Kellogg Professor, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor 5384 North Quad

    Historical Approaches to Media and Technology; Gender and the Media734.615.9850 / sdoug@umich.edu

  • Jimmy Draper

    Lecturer I 7356 North Quad

    Media Industry Studies; Television Studies; Gender, Sexuality, and Mediadraper@umich.edu

  • Allison Earl

    Allison Earl

    Faculty Associate 3000 East Hall

    734.763.1133 / anearl@umich.edu

  • Nicole Ellison

    Nicole Ellison

    Faculty Associate 3443 North Quad

    New and Emerging Media734.647.1430 / enicole@umich.edu

  • Reighan Gillam Photo

    Reighan Gillam

    Assistant Professor 5411 North Quad

    734.764.7718 / reighan@umich.edu

  • Harrison, Kristen

    Kristen Harrison

    Professor, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies 5389 North Quad

    Media Effects; Children, Adolescents and the Media; Obesity, Eating Disorders and Body Image734.764.6718 / krishar@umich.edu

  • hart, sol

    Sol Hart

    Assistant Professor 5417 North Quad

    Heath and the Media; Media and the Environment; The News Media734.764.0420 / solhart@umich.edu

  • Huesmann

    L. Rowell Huesmann

    Amos N. Tversky Professor of Communication Studies & Psychology 5380 North Quad

    Media Psychology; Media Violence and Human Aggression734.764.3409 / huesmann@umich.edu

  • Muzammil Hussain

    Muzammil Hussain

    Assistant Professor 5377 North Quad

    Global Media and Communication; International Political Communication; Multimethodology and Comparative Researchmzmmlh@umich.edu

  • Iftkhar, Shazia

    Shazia Iftkhar

    Assistant Professor 5433 North Quad

    International and Comparative Media; Race, Ethnicity and the Media; Minority Representation in the Media734.763.0500 / siftkhar@umich.edu

  • Kwak

    Nojin Kwak

    Associate Professor 5441 North Quad

    New and Emerging Media; Political Communication734.764.2587 / kwak@umich.edu

  • Louisa Lim

    Louisa Lim

    Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor in Journalism 5369 North Quad

    Teaching; Digital Disruption and the Future of Journalism; Multimedia Storytelling; Control, Censorship and Conflict; Journalism in a Hostile Environment734.615.4038 / limlc@umich.edu

  • Richard Ling

    Richard Ling

    Faculty Associate

    Mobile Communicationsrsling@umich.edu

  • Julia Lippman

    Julia Lippman

    Lecturer I 7356 North Quad

    media effects; media psychology; gender; sexualityjulip@umich.edu

  • amansda lots

    Amanda Lotz

    Professor 5445 North Quad

    Media Industries; Television Studies; Gender and the Media734.615.4036 / lotz@umich.edu

  • Ram Mahalingham

    Ramaswami Mahalingam

    Associate Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies 3263 East Hall

    734.763.0049 / ramawasi@umich.edu

  • rneuman.jpg

    W. Russell Neuman

    Professor Emeritus


  • Pasek, Joshua

    Josh Pasek

    Assistant Professor 5413 North Quad

    Political Communication; Public Opinion; Survey Research and Design; New and Emerging Media734.764.6717 / jpasek@umich.edu

  • Punathambekar

    Aswin Punathambekar

    Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies 5427 North Quad

    Media and Globalization; South Asian Media; Media Industries and Protection Cultures734.615.0949 / aswinp@umich.edu

  • Rivero WEB new

    Yeidy Rivero

    Faculty Associate 6427 North Quad

    Latinos and the Media; The Media in Latin America; Race, Ethnicity, and the Media734.764.5744 / yrivero@umich.edu

  • Muniba Saleem

    Muniba Saleem

    Assistant Professor 5373 North Quad

    Media Psychology; Media Stereotypes; Intergroup Relations; Ethnic Identity; Aggression734.763.7349 / saleemm@umich.edu

  • Christian

    Christian Sandvig

    Associate Professor 5385 North Quad

    New and Emerging Media; Ethnography of New Media Use; Media Law and Policy734.763.0861 / csandvig@umich.edu

  • Scannell

    Paddy Scannell

    Professor 5444 North Quad

    Analyzing Media Texts; Historical Approaches to Media and Technology; International and Comparative Media; Radio and Television Studies734.763.2479 / scannep@umich.edu

  • Scott Selberg

    Scott Selberg

    Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral Fellow, Michigan Society of Fellows 7415D North Quad


  • Katherine Sender Photo

    Katherine Sender

    Professor 5442 North Quad

    734.764.3819 / ksender@umich.edu

  • Julia Sonnevend

    Julia Sonnevend

    Assistant Professor 5429 North Quad

    Culture and Communication; Global and Comparative Media; Social Theory734.936.2535 / sonneven@umich.edu

  • Soroka1 2014

    Stuart Soroka

    Michael W. Traugott Collegiate Professor in Communication Studies and Political Science 5388 North Quad

    Political Communication;Political Representation;Public Opinionssoroka@umich.edu

  • Sparr

    Faith Sparr

    Lecturer III 5365 North Quad

    Media Law and Policy;Internet Regulation;Gender and the Law734.764.3226 / fsparr@umich.edu

  • Traugott

    Michael Traugott

    Professor Emeritus


  • Vaillant

    Derek Vaillant

    Associate Professor 5443 North Quad

    Historical Approaches to Media and Technology; International and Comparative Media; Sound Studies; Popular Music and Media734.615.0449 / dvail@umich.edu

  • L. Monique Ward

    Arthur F Thurnau Professor Professor of Psychology 2028 East Hall

    Media Psychology; Gender and the Media734.764.0430 / ward@umich.edu

  • Brian Weeks Photo

    Brian Weeks

    Assistant Professor 5432 North Quad

    734.763.1922 / beweeks@umich.edu