Current Students

The Communication Studies' graduate student community is made up of a diverse group of individuals from all over the world. Some enter the program directly from an undergraduate or graduate program while others enter the program after working outside academia for a number of years.

The graduate student population is kept small to make sure the students have an environment where they are able to work closely with faculty and peers. Graduate students are also encouraged to be active in the development and expansion of the department, from helping with the recruiting of new faculty and graduate students to participating in our regular departmental colloquium.


  • Avle

    Seyram Avle

    Global media and communication; ICTs in developing/ emerging marketsseyram at

  • Baayer2014

    Joseph B. Bayer

    Mobile Media; Social Networks; Self-Regulation; Emotion;

  • Monique 2014

    Monique Bourdage

    Gender and the media; Historical approaches to media and technology; Popular music and sound studies; Qualitative methods; Audience reception; Analyzing media texts; Media and cultural theory; Media industries and

  • Brunton2014

    Douglas Brunton

    Media and Society; New Media and Identity; Post-colonialism; Intercultural

  • Cote

    Amanda Cote

    New Media; Analyzing Media Texts; Representation; Media

  • Amelia2014

    Amelia Couture

    Media Psychology; Gender and Sexuality; Health Communications; Advertising and Marketing; Sexual Objectification; Beauty

  • Dawson-Andoh1

    Amy Dawson-Andoh

    Social media and Web 2.0; Fan cultures; Japanese fan culture; Japanese popular culture; Gaming

  • Day2014

    Faithe Day

    Digital Humanities; Television Studies; New Media; Modern and Postmodern Philosophy; Identity

  • Sarah2014

    Sarah E. Erickson

    Media Psychology; Sexual Socialization; Fan Studies; Gender and the

  • Frank

    Kathryn M. (Katie) Frank

    Media industries; Chicana/o and Latina/o studies; Asian American studies; Critical race theory; Adaptation studies; Comics and sequential art; Popular media; Rhetorical theory; Gender and sexuality

  • Gregorowicz

    Krysha Gregorowicz

    Political Communication; Mass Media Effects; Public Opinion; American Politics; Political Behavior; Political

  • Candice2014

    Candice Haddad

    media and identity; Arab American studies; media and globalization; women and gender studies; digital media; critical

  • Nicole Hentrich

    Gender and sexuality; masculinities; television studies and visual culture; popular

  • Iddins

    Annemarie Iddins

    the politics of culture; globalization and cultural geography; modernity, migration and media activism; communication in the contemporary

  • Kim, Dam hee

    Dam Hee Kim

    New and Emerging Media; Media Policy and

  • Kuru2

    Ozan Kuru

    media effects; public opinion; election studies; survey

  • Lane2014

    Dan Lane

    Media Psychology; Digital Narratives; Environmental/Health Communication; Social

  • Lawson

    Caitlin E. Lawson

    Celebrity Studies; Popular Culture; Gender and the Media; Audience

  • Moorman2013

    Jessica D. Moorman

    health communication; sexual vulnerability; online sex work; internet mediated sexual

  • NavarGill

    Annemarie Navar-Gill

    Audience/Producer Interaction; Media Industries; Participatory Culture; Fan Studies; Game Studies;

  • Kitior

    Kitior Ngu

    Media Industries; Television Production; Social Media & Television; New Media; Digital Media Cultures; Audiences and

  • Oh

    Yu Won Oh

    New and emerging media; Political communication and behavior; Public Opinion; Opinion expression; Online agenda

  • Pearson

    Benjamin A. J. Pearson

    International and Comparative Media; Analyzing Media

  • Lange

    Julia G. Raz (Lange)

    Game studies; Media, gender, and the family; Analyzing media texts; Media

  • Stevenson

    Darren M. Stevenson

    New & Emerging Media; Marketing & Advertising; Internet Infrastructure; Information Systems; Computational Research

  • Timke

    Edward Timke

    International and Comparative Media; Media, Globalization, and International Relations; Gender and the Media; Historical Approaches to Media; Analyzing Media Texts; Media Industries and

  • Williams

    Timeka N. Tounsel

    Qualitative methodology; Multicultural teaching and learning; Womanism and womanist pedagogy; Media and identity (race, gender, spirituality); Audience

  • Halie2014

    Halie Wenhold

    Communication (Broadcast Journalism, Media, General);

  • Wilbricht2014

    Jana Wilbricht

    Health communication; Inequality Studies and health disparities; Health education; New and emerging media; Media narratives; American Indian

  • Lia R. Wolock

    Identity and migration; New media; South Asian diaspora; Transnational

  • Yu

    Rebecca Ping Yu

    New and Emerging Media/Political