Sarah E. Erickson

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  • Fields of Study
    • Media Psychology
    • Adolescent Sexual Socialization
    • Parasocial Relationships
    • Gender and the Media
  • About

    Sarah E. Erickson is broadly interested in adolescent engagement with the media, specifically related to sexual socialization, fan/media interactions, and emotional well-being. Her work has examined the relation between media engagement and emotion, and she has also sought to describe and quantify media contexts containing scripts related to sexual and intimate partner violence. Currently, she is working on several projects examining romantic parasocial relationships with media characters, the fan practices surrounding these relationships and the impact of parasocial romance on media influence and, ultimately, on scripts, schemas and normative beliefs about romantic and sexual relationships. Additional areas of interest include engagement with media narratives through social media and the role of media in the development, articulation and enactment of gender in children and adolescents.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts, Art & Archaeology, Princeton University, 2007
  • Dissertation
    • Teenage Dreams: Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Adolescent Romantic Parasocial Attachments
  • Chair
    • Dr. Sonya Dal Cin, Associate Professor, Communication Studies
  • Committee Members
    • Dr. Kristen Harrison, Professor, Communication Studies
    • Dr. Shazia Iftkhar, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
    • Dr. L. Monique Ward, Professor, Psychology