Kathryn M. (Katie) Frank

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  • Fields of Study
    • Media industries
    • Chicana/o and Latina/o studies
    • Asian American studies
    • Critical race theory
    • Adaptation studies
    • Comics and sequential art
    • Popular media
    • Rhetorical theory
    • Gender and sexuality studies
  • About

    Kathryn M. (Katie) Frank is broadly interested in the intersections of race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality and representations of these topics in visual and popular media. Her current work explores adaptations of comics to live-action film and television and how media industries negotiate the adaptation process, as well as how this process affects (and is affected by) representations and discourses of race in popular media. Her dissertation examines the history of "live-action comic book adaptations" as a genre deeply intertwined with representations of race, the institutional approaches to racial diversity in the process of comic-to-live-action adaptations, debates around casting and representation, and how the current status of live-action comic adaptations as a multi-billion dollar genre impacts industry perspectives on the adaptation process. Additional current areas of interest include online distribution of niche popular media and the creation of paratexts for popular media through marketing and licensing of merchandise.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts with Departmental Honors and University Distinction, Chicana and Chicano Studies (Minor Asian American Studies), Stanford University, 2009
  • Dissertation
    • From Serials to Blockbusters: Media Industry Approaches to Comic-to-Live-Action Adaptations and Race
  • Chair
    • Amanda Lotz
  • Committee Members
    • Susan Douglas
    • Lisa Nakamura
    • Aswin Punathambekar