Yioryos Nardis

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  • Fields of Study
    • political communication & behavior
    • European integration
    • human-computer interaction
    • social media
    • international research
  • About

    My research examines the role of the news media and communication in fostering citizen engagement in European Union (EU) politics. The ongoing integration of the EU has brought about a paradox regarding its relationship with its citizens. While its legislative, political and fiscal powers have steadily increased, Europeans’ involvement in EU politics has remained low - far lower than European leaders would desire. I study this phenomenon by examining various forms of psychological attachment and commitment to European Union politics. Specifically, (i) the extent to which Europeans hold opinions towards EU issues, (ii) voting at European Parliament elections, and (iii) non-electoral participation in EU politics. To examine this, I've collected survey and experimental data from several EU countries.

  • Education
    • MA, International Communication, Ohio University, 2006
    • BA, Telecommunications, Pennsylvania State University, 2005
  • Dissertation
    • Apathetic publics and European integration: An examination of the relationships between media use and citizen engagement in European Union politics
  • Chair
    • Nojin Kwak (Communication Studies)
  • Committee Members
    • Ronald Inglehart (Political Science), Richard Bagozzi (Business), Nicholas Valentino (Political Science)