Timeka N. Tounsel

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  • Fields of Study
    • Qualitative methodology
    • Multicultural teaching and learning
    • Womanism and womanist pedagogy
    • Media and identity (race, gender, spirituality)
    • Audience reception
  • About

    Timeka N. Tounsel is a Rackham Merit Fellow and doctoral candidate in the Communication Studies Doctoral Program at the University of Michigan. At Michigan, Timeka also serves as a graduate teaching consultant, specializing in diversity and inclusive pedagogies. She is the recipient of the Graduate Certificate in AfroAmerican and Diaspora Studies, and, the Mary Gardner Award for Graduate Research (AEJMC). She studies Black audiences throughout sites of the African Diaspora and focuses on questions of race, gender, and religion, as they converge around everyday media. Tounsel’s dissertation, The Black Woman that Media Built, explores womanhood, contemporary media texts, and meaning making among Black women in the U.S. Her work appears in Interpreting Tyler Perry: Perspectives on Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality (Routledge, 2013) and in the Oxford Bibliographies project (2014). She has given research presentations and guest lectures at conferences and programs around the world, including, the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa), Mansfield College at Oxford University (UK), and the Syracuse University-sponsored Paris Noir Program (Paris, France).

  • Education
    • BA, Magazine Journalism and International Relations, African American Studies (minor), Syracuse University, 2010
  • Dissertation
    • The Black Woman That Media Built: Interpretive Communities and Performances of the Interior Self in Everyday Life
  • Chair
    • Robin Means Coleman
  • Committee Members
    • Paddy Scannell
    • Megan Sweeney
    • Shazia Iftkhar