Job Market Candidates

  • Monique 2014

    Monique Bourdage

    Gender and the media; Historical approaches to media and technology; Popular music and sound studies; Qualitative methods; Audience reception; Analyzing media texts; Media and cultural theory; Media industries and

  • Sarah2014

    Sarah E. Erickson

    Media Psychology; Adolescent Sexual Socialization; Parasocial Relationships; Gender and the

  • Frank

    Kathryn M. (Katie) Frank

    Media industries; Chicana/o and Latina/o studies; Asian American studies; Critical race theory; Adaptation studies; Comics and sequential art; Popular media; Rhetorical theory; Gender and sexuality

  • Gregorowicz

    Krysha Gregorowicz

    Political Communication; Mass Media Effects; Public Opinion; American Politics; Political Behavior; Political

  • Oh

    Yu Won Oh

    New and emerging media; Political communication and behavior; Public Opinion; Opinion expression; Online agenda

  • Lange

    Julia G. Raz (Lange)

    Game studies; Media, gender, and the family; Analyzing media texts; Media

  • Stevenson

    Darren M. Stevenson

    New & Emerging Media; Marketing & Advertising; Internet Infrastructure; Information Systems; Computational Research

  • Williams

    Timeka N. Tounsel

    Qualitative methodology; Multicultural teaching and learning; Womanism and womanist pedagogy; Media and identity (race, gender, spirituality); Audience

  • Lia-2015

    Lia R. Wolock

    Digital and transnational media; Mobility, migration, globalization, and identity; Media industries and production cultures; Participatory cultures and citizenship; South Asian and diasporic

  • Yu2

    Rebecca Ping Yu

    New and emerging media; Political communication; Digital