Job Market Candidates

  • Avle

    Seyram Avle

    Information and communication technologies (ICT) industries; New and emerging media; International and comparative media; Historical approaches to media and

  • Soo Young Bae

    New Communication Technologies; Social Media, Information Flow; Political Communication; Big

  • Gregorowicz

    Krysha Gregorowicz

    Political Communication; Mass Media Effects; Public Opinion; American Politics; Political Behavior; Political

  • S. Mo Jang

    S. Mo Jang

    Social media and big data; Political Communication; Environment/Science communication; Online

  • Nardis

    Yioryos Nardis

    political communication & behavior; European integration; human-computer interaction; social media; international

  • Timke

    Edward Timke

    International and Comparative Media; Media, Globalization, and International Relations; Gender and the Media; Historical Approaches to Media; Analyzing Media Texts; Media Industries and