Honors Program


For students with strong academic records and a desire to pursue individual scholarly research, the honors program in Communication Studies offers a special opportunity. Students admitted into the honors program design and conduct an individual research project during their senior year and write a senior thesis on the results of their research. Upon successful completion of the thesis, students graduate with Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors in Communication Studies depending on their grade point average in Communication Studies and the evaluation of their thesis.

Reasons to consider the honors program

  • Opportunity to conduct in-depth research in a mass media or emerging media topic of your own choosing
  • Small group, intensive study with like-minded Communication Studies peers
  • Individual mentoring from leading research faculty
  • High-level writing and research experience
  • Excellent preparation for graduate school

Eligibility criteria for the honors program

  • At least a 3.4 overall grade point average
  • At least a 3.5 Communication Studies grade point average
  • Completion of (or concurrent enrollment in) the 300-level Communication Studies ULWR requirement
  • Stats 250 or an equivalent (may be waived by the honors advisor in some circumstances)
  • Serious interest in a scholarly research area
  • Ability to work independently


Applications for admission into the honors program in Communication Studies are accepted after March 1st of a student's junior year.

Students interested in our honors program should refer to the Honors Program for additional information.