BACH Group

Old Bach Group

The founding members of CSCS were a now-legendary group of researchers known as the BACH Group. The group began meeting in the 1980’s and included researchers from a variety of disciplines who shared an interest in complex adaptive systems of all kinds. The original members were Arthur Burks, Bob Axelrod, Michael Cohen and John Holland (BACH). Over the years, the group also included: William Hamilton (Biology), Douglas Hofstadter (Cognitive Science), Reiko Tanese (Cognitive Science), Michael Savageau (Microbiology), and Melanie Mitchell (Cognitive Science and Computer Science).

New Bach Group

The most recent version of the BACH Group consists of Bob Axelrod (Political Science), Michael Cohen (Information), John Holland (Psychology and EECS), Carl Simon (CSCS, Math and Public Policy), Scott Page (Political Science, CSCS), Mark Newman (Physics, CSCS), Mercedes Pascual (EEB) and Rick Riolo (CSCS). The group still has occasional meetings and its members are actively involved in the Center.