IDEAS-IGERT Fellowship

The Institutions, Diversity, Emergence, Adaptation and Structures (IDEAS) - Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Fellowship program is funded by the National Science Foundation’s IGERT initiative. The IDEAS-IGERT fellowships provide support to PhD students at the University of Michigan with an interest in complex systems. The program began in 2003 and is now in its final year. No new applications are being accepted. The following is a list of past and current fellows. For more information about NSF’s IGERT initiative, please visit

Current IDEAS-IGERT Fellows

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Gong, Abraham | Dept. of Political Science
Jackman, Dana | School of Natural Resources & Environment
Katz, Daniel | Ford School of Public Policy

Former IDEAS-IGERT Fellows

Anderson, Kate
PhD, Economics, 2010
Current position: Assistant Professor, Economics, Carnegie-Mellon University

Aylward, Michael
PhD (incomplete), Economics
Current position: Climate Change think tank, Washington DC

Backus, Matt
PhD (in progress), Economics

Bommarito, Michael
Dept. of Political Science

Bramson, Aaron
PhD, Political Science and Philosophy, 2010
Current position: University of Toronto

Bray, Jana
PhD (in progress), Public Policy and Political Science

Doriean, Charles
PhD (in progress), Political Science

Golman, Russell
PhD, Mathematics, 2009
Current position: Carnegie Mellon University

Guha, Sourav
PhD (in progress), Public Policy

Hammond, Ross
PhD, Political Science, 2006
Current position: Senior Fellow, Economics Studies, Brookings Institution

Hartzog, Paul
PhD (in progress), School of Information

Hevenstone, Debra
PhD, Public Policy and Sociology, 2008
Current position: Research Fellow, Policy Studies Institute, London

Johnston, Erik
PhD, School of Information
Current position: Assistant Professor, Policy Informatics, School of Public
Affairs, Arizona State University

Johnston, Trevor
PhD (in progress), Political Science

Jones-Rooy, Andrea
Dept. of Political Science

Kavanagh, Jennifer
PhD (in progress), Public Policy and Political Science

McCann, Pam
PhD (in progress), Public Health and Political Science

Morton, Jason
M.A., Economics, University of Michigan
PhD, Mathematics, University of California,Berkeley
Current position: Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Statistics, Pennsylvania State University

Rescober, Phil
PhD (in progress), Political Science

Reid, Ashley
PhD (in progress), Public Policy and Political Science

Reyero, Maria
PhD (in progress), Political Science
Current position: Visiting Research Fellow, Center for Latin American Studies, Georgetown University

Reyna, Veronica
PhD, Political Science, 2007
Current position:

Seegert, Nathan
Dept. of Economics

Wheeler, Tarah
PhD (incomplete), Political Science
Current position: Web Applications Developer, Microsoft

Wright, Dominick
PhD (in progress), Political Science

Zelner, Jon
PhD (in progress), Public Policy & Sociology

Zilis, Michael
PhD (in progress), Political Science