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Evolutionary Computation

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Related Mailing Lists

  • To get on the CSCS mailing list....
  • The CSRG-discuss list: a mailing list intended for and restricted to discussions related to the CSCS Reading Group, and is readable to subscribers only. Please email Ted Belding ( for more information or to be added to the email list.
  • Complexity Blog -- The ideas and opinions of Complex Systems graduate students Aaron Bramson and Kenneth Zick. Good resource for project ideas, definitions of complex science terms, agent-based modeling tips, and the occasional rant.
  • Complexity Digest -- weekly summary of and pointers to complexity related articles in journals, in the news, etc.
  • CogPrints -- archive for everything related to cognition (including philosophy, AI, behaviour, ecology, social psychology, social simulation)
  • The Parellel Computing list at UM, a moderated group with information about parallel computing. This can include job listings, descriptions of new computers or software systems, interesting parallelization problems, etc. To subscribe to the list send a message to with the subject
    subscribe. (You do not need to have any content to the message.)
  • ga-list: the main GA list. Subscribe to
  • Genetic Algorithms Digest: To subscribe send email to containing the following text in the body of the message:
    subscribe ga-list (Your Name (up to 4 words)
  • genetic-programming: the main GP list. Subscribe to
  • gann: GA's and neural nets. Subscribe to
  • A few mailing lists at CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository. Press here for detailed information.
  • Ant Colony Optimization list. Subscribe to
  • SIMSOC list: news and discussion about computer simulation in the social sciences. To subscribe, see here.
  • New England Complex Systems Institute

    • a scholarly discussion of complex systems principles in science and their application to physical, biological and social systems;
    • a personal discussion of topics related to the community of complex systems researchers and the societal context.

    • To subscribe either of them, see here.

  • Neural Network Resources Email Lists & Newsgroups. To subscribe to various mailing lists, see here.
  • THEORETICAL-ECOLOGY: Scientific discussion of theoretical ecology. To subscribe, see here.
  • British Computer Society: Natural Language Translation Specialist Group. To subscribe, see here.
  • Hybrid Models: Learning and Architectures To subscribe, see here.
  • Computists International maintains two email-based discussion lists:

    • CI-Talk: an unmoderated discussion list for members of Computists International;
    • CI-FreeTalk: an open discussion of artificial intelligence and AI career topics. It may also be used for announcements of interest to AI researchers and students.

    For details, see here.

  • GAScheduling List: Genetic Algorithms in Production Scheduling. To subscribe to the list send a message to consisting of the single line command subscribe GASCHEDULING Your Name. (Note that 'Your Name' means your real name and not your e-mail address. The e-mail address is picked up from the message header. Messages to should not include a subject or signature, if possible.) For a general introduction to this list (for potential subscribers, or maybe just forgetful ones!), please mail with NO SUBJECT LINE and 'info gascheduling' in the BODY of the message.
  • Machien learning mailing list. To subscribe, see here.
  • Mailing list for Agent-based computational economics (ACE): the computational study of economies modelled as evolving systems of autonomous interacting agents. To subscribe, see here.
  • KDD Nuggets mailing list: a moderated mailing list for news and information relevant to Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), also known as Data Mining, Knowledge Extraction, etc. E-mail add/delete requests to


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