LSA Offices

Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center serves LSA undergraduates by:

  • Helping them make informed decisions about educational goals and LSA curriculum.
  • Encouraging them to formulate an academic program appropriate to their individual interests and abilities.
  • Assisting them in evaluating their academic progress and performance.
  • Providing them accurate information about LSA policies and procedures.
  • Furnishing them an opportunity to explore the purposes of a liberal arts and science education.

Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs

Overall administration of LSA Student Academic Affairs is the responsibility of the Assistant Dean. Policy and procedural matters are handled in this office and personal assistance is provided to students in special circumstances. The Assistant Dean also oversees the Academic Judiciary for Student Academic Affairs and is responsible for the administration of the Community Standards of Academic Integrity.

LSA Academic Standards and Academic Opportunities

The Office of Academic Standards and Academic Opportunities provides guidance and support to LSA undergraduates in the pursuit of their degrees. Working within Student Academic Affairs (SAA) alongside the general academic advisors in the Advising Center and the College faculty, academic standards advisors guide both students who encounter or anticipate academic difficulty and students who require special programmatic assistance during the course of their college career. In their role as teachers and mentors, academic standards advisors help students master the art of succeeding in varied opportunities offered by the College.

Peer Academic Advising Office (PAAO) of LSA *

As a complement to the academic advising services offered through the Advising Center, LSA provides a source of knowledgeable advice and information from a team of experienced LSA undergrads. These peer advisors are trained to assist students with information about courses, basic degree requirements and perspectives on many aspects of academic life and opportunity within LSA. These peer advisors are available for consultation on a regular basis during the fall and winter terms.

Honors Program

LS&A Honors students receive academic advising from the Honors Program. First-year students are assigned to an Honors advisor during summer orientation. They return to Honors advising when registering for courses, adjusting their course schedules, submitting petitions to the Honors Academic Board, and applying to graduate. Honors students consult regularly with their advisors in the Honors Office and, after they are admitted to a concentration, with their Honors concentration advisors as well. Many of these conversations turn on students' academic direction and goals, their understanding of the value of a liberal arts education, and graduate plans.

Residential College Academic Services *

The Residential College is a four-year undergraduate liberal arts program with about 900 students and 60 faculty, situated within LSA. All RC Advisors are RC faculty members and are available to meet with students to discuss RC and LS&A requirements, possible concentrations, graduation requirements, etc. The Board on Academic Standing considers petitions submitted by RC students relating to requirements, deadlines, and academic circumstances. Appointments with academic advisors can be scheduled by calling the RC Academic Services Office at (734) 763-0032, or by stopping by the offices at 134 Tyler.

Other LSA Resources

LSA Student Government (LSASG) * 

LSA Student Government seeks to improve and enhance the undergraduate experience for the College of LSA.

English Language Institute (ELI)
ELI-UM Testing and Certification also develops and administers English language evaluations for incoming University of Michigan students. These tests are used to determine general adequacy of English language skills for various academic purposes and to make recommendations about placement into ELI language classes.

ELI offers a variety of courses in English for Academic Purposes for nonnative speakers of English enrolled at UM. The courses are designed to enable students to enhance their linguistic and communicative skills in order to become effective, fully participating, members of the academic community both during their time on campus and beyond.

Language Resource Center (LRC) *

Language Resource Center website. The mission of the Language Resource Center is to serve, support and promote the study and instruction of foreign languages, cultures, and literatures at all levels within the University of Michigan community.

Math Lab *

Math Lab website. The University of Michigan Mathematics Laboratory (Math Lab) is a walk-in tutoring service available free to all UM students. Tutoring is available for mathematics courses numbered through MATH 217.

Physics Help Room *

The Physics Help Room was created to help students who are taking the Introductory Physics classes. It is located in 1416 Randall Lab. The Help Room is a place where students taking the introductory physics course can go for help. The Help Room is staffed by a combination of GSI's whose only teaching duty is tutoring in the Help Room, GSI's who teach the introductory labs, and faculty who teach in introductory classes.

Science Learning Center (SLC)

Science Learning Center website. The SLC is sponsored by the College of LS&A to support teaching and learning in the natural sciences. The SLC is a vibrant center where study groups meet, GSIs hold office hours, students complete computer-based labs, and a great deal of studying and learning happens.

Sweetland Center for Writing

The Gayle Morris Sweetland Center for Writing was established to ensure that all students who graduate from LSA know how to write well. Founded on the concept that writing is central to the mission of the College, the Center takes a comprehensive approach to its mission by tutoring students in their writing, supporting faculty in their course development, and conducting research on the pedagogy of writing in order to develop the most effective methods for teaching.