Michigan Learning Communities


Adelia Cheever Program * 
The Adelia Cheever Program, a Michigan Learning Community, develops exceptional leaders and responsible global citizens by creating a close community within the larger university in which students can cultivate vital skills, knowledge, and support. The Cheever Program values the Cheever legacy, multiculturalism and diversity, international perspectives, every woman's experience, and life-long learning.

Health Sciences Scholars Program
Created in 2001 as a collaborative effort between LS&A and UM's health schools, the Health Sciences Scholars Program (HSSP) is a University of Michigan Living/Learning community, offering first-year students interested in pursuing the health sciences and professions an excellent academic experience set in a supportive and focused residence hall community. The goal of the program is to enrich our students' preparation for study in the health sciences by fostering exploration of a wide range of halth career opportunities, encouraging understanding of and engagement in UM's diverse community, and supporting students in their transition to the University of Michigan.

Michigan Community Scholars Program
MCSP brings together students and faculty who have a commitment to community service, social justice, and academic study. Through small courses, service projects, leadership opportunities, social programs, study groups and tutors, students strive to model an ideal community in terms of friendship, responsibility, diversity, celebration, collaboration and caring. MCSP helps students make an easy transition from high school to college and prepares students for leadership roles on campus and in their future careers.

Max Kade German Residence Program

The Max Kade House is a Michigan Learning Community [MLC]. It is the only language house on campus, and provides a truly unique opportunity to undergraduates. The Max Kade House has a lot to offer to all students interested in German language and culture.

Lloyd Hall Scholars Program
LHSP is a living-learning program focused on writing and the arts. Regardless of whether you major in English or Engineering, Art or Anatomy, LHSP welcomes your creative outlook. In LHSP, you live in a close-knit community of other first- and second-year students, and take small writing and studio arts classes with highly specialized faculty.

Michigan Research Community
Michigan Research Community (MRC) is a residential affiliate of UROP. It offers incoming first-year students the benefits of the UROP non-residential program, including a UROP research partnership with a faculty member in an area of their choosing, as well as a small, diverse and supportive community to call home.

Women In Science and Engineering Residence Program * 
The Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program (WISE RP) is an academically supportive living learning community for women who are interested in academic majors and careers in science, mathematics and/or engineering. WISE RP students will live together in the newly-renovated Mosher Jordan Residence Hall and have an abundance of academic and social opportunities available to them to help expand their horizons and successfully transition them into the university environment.


Honors Program
The Honors Program is a four-year program that provides an especially rich and challenging set of academic offerings to talented and highly motivated students in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. The Program's curriculum offers a wide range of challenging courses in almost every department and Honors concentrations in every field in the College. We offer special seminars, courses, and direct involvement with faculty right from the start of students' lives at Michigan.

Residential College * 
The Residential College (RC) is a four-year interdisciplinary liberal arts program within the College of Literature, Science and Arts (LSA) at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. The RC curriculum is interdisciplinary and engages students in creative exploration of the humanities, the social and natural sciences, intensive foreign language study, and the visual and performing arts. We seek to foster a genuine appreciation and lifelong passion for learning; not merely individual quests for knowledge, but preparation and encouragement that lead to effective and responsible engagement in the real world.


Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program
The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is a national award winning program which creates research partnerships between first and second year students and University of Michigan faculty and research scientists. All schools and colleges of the University of Michigan are active participants in UROP, thereby providing a wealth of research topics from which a student can choose.

 University Mentorship Program * We define Mentorship as a tool to introduce new students to University life and a way to broaden access to all that UM has to offer first year students!