Q1. Why was I admitted to the Summer Bridge Program?

A1. Students are admitted to the Summer Bridge Program for a variety of reasons. It is impossible to give one answer to satisfy all students. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions makes determinations based on their review of a wide range of variables including GPA, standardized test scores, grades in college preparatory courses, writing samples and letters of recommendation. Other things that may be taken into account include first-generation status, socio-economic status, underrepresented minority status, geographical location, family or other personal challenges. For a more detailed response to this question, please contact the following: Ms. Delphine Byrd, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission (313) 872-7608, or Ms. Erica Sanders, Interim Director for Undergraduate Admissions (734) 647-0104.

Q2. Is the Summer Bridge Program optional?

A2. Comprehensive Studies operates several summer programs.  If a student has been given a Summer Bridge start date, it is not optional. Summer Bridge students must enter the university that summer semester.  Other CSP students have the option to begin in summer or fall.

Q3. Can I live at home and attend the Summer Bridge Program?

A3. No. All Summer Bridge students are required to live on campus for the duration of the program. Students live on campus to form the connections with other students and faculty on campus. Our hope is to help students form excellent skills that will ensure their success at Michigan. This is often hard to do with the distractions of home and family. The Summer Bridge Program also has tutoring and workshop sessions that last until 10:00 PM. It is best for students to live on campus to make full use of the resources the University of Michigan has to offer.

Q4. What are the benefits of attending the Summer Bridge Program?

A4. The Summer Bridge Program gives students an excellent opportunity to strengthen their academic skills, develop a peer support network and to familiarize themselves with the campus and its resources. Some of the benefits of Summer Bridge include the following:

  • Because the program is offered during the summer, Summer Bridge Program students get to start their college education in a less hectic environment than in the Fall.
  • Students become familiar with the campus and its resources. Students are able to identify offices that can provide assistance throughout their time at Michigan.
  • Students are housed in the same residence hall with all of the other University of Michigan students enrolled during the summer, providing the opportunity to develop friendships both within and outside the Summer Bridge Program.
  • Successful Bridge students can earn between 8 or 9 credit hours towards graduation.
  • Summer Bridge students have the opportunity to assess and develop academic and personal skills in an environment most conducive to learning.
  • Summer Bridge is the ideal living-learning community

If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Ralph Story (734) 764-9128; rdstory@umich.edu) or Dr. Dwight Fontenot (delfon@umich.edu).

Q5. What classes do I take in the Summer Bridge Program? How many credits will I earn?

A5. Summer Bridge Program students take 3 courses in the summer term. All students take a math course, a writing course, and a first-year seminar. A typical course schedule will be either 8 credits (Math 103/104, Writing 100, and CSP 100) or 9 credits (Math 103/104, English 125, and CSP 100). Placement into these courses is dependent on both on-line placement exams and placement exams give during the Bridge orientation period.

Q6. I heard that Summer Bridge Students cannot go home for the weekends. Is this true?

A6. Generally, we want Summer Bridge students to stay on campus during the weekends. Most of the academic work at Michigan is done over the weekend. The weekend time can be used to catch up on readings or homework. We have found that students do very little work when they go home for the weekends. For this reason, we require all Summer Bridge students to remain on campus for each weekend of the program. Exceptions to this policy are made by Dr. Dwight Fontenot on a case-by-case basis. You can contact him at delfon@umich.edu.

Q7. How much does the Summer Bridge Program Cost?

A7. In the summer of 2014, the total cost for the summer-half term (tuition, fees, room, board, books) was $6,224 for in-state students and $13,037 for out-of-state students. Financial aid is available for students. For further information please refer to the Financial Aid website.

Q8. Where will the Summer Bridge Program live? How will this affect my fall housing options?

A8. All Summer Bridge students will be housed in Mosher Jordan Residence Hall in double rooms. In order to foster the development of an effective living-learning community, we assign our students to double rooms at random. Students are not permitted the choice of roommates in the summer. Students can select their roommates for the fall/winter terms. Summer Bridge housing has no effect on your placement for the fall term. Students must complete the housing application for summer and fall housing. For further questions, please call Ms. Marlene Mantyk in the University Housing Office at (734) 763-3164.

Q9. How do I get my student ID?

A9. Summer Bridge Program students will usually get their M Cards upon check-in to the program. If a student sent a picture into the M Card office prior to coming to campus, that photo will be used for the M Card. If not, pictures will be taken on the first day of the program. Students must have paid enrollment deposit before a card will be generated.

Q10. How do I get a uniqname?

A10. As soon as incoming Bridge students have "matriculated" or paid their enrollment deposits, they receive an e-mail message inviting them to create their own uniqname via the web. This e-mail is sent to the e-mail address used when the student applied for admission to the University of Michigan. If a student does not have an e-mail address, a letter is sent to the home address with the directions. All uniqname transactions happen via a secure website.

Q11. Do Summer Bridge students need to register for orientation via New Student Programs?

A11. Summer Bridge Program students should not register for orientation via the Office of New Student Programs. The Summer Bridge Program works with the Office of New Students Programs to develop an orientation program that is unique to Bridge. Bridge orientation takes place over a longer period of time than the traditional Orientation session. Students should take the on-line placement tests and these links will be available on the Bridge website.

Q12. Can Bridge students work during the Summer Bridge Program?

Q12. No. We do not permit Summer Bridge students to work during the program. Summer Bridge students are attending in class for 16 – 20 hours per week. There are required study sessions for 12 hours per week. It is our experience that students cannot successfully complete Summer Bridge (and thus be admitted to the University of Michigan in the fall term) and work.

Q13. Can Bridge students have a car on campus?

A13. No. Parking is a major concern on campus. There is no parking lot near the residence hall where students can park. Parking on the street can lead to multiple parking tickets for which the program will not be responsible. We also find that a car on campus is a big distraction for students and prevents them from fully attending to their academic work.

Q14. Is the Summer Bridge Program a remedial or minority program?

A14. The Summer Bridge Program is neither a remedial program nor a program for minority students only. The University of Michigan offers no remedial programs. It is true that Summer Bridge students are on the margins of the admissions criteria, and thus their admission to Michigan is tied to successful completion of Bridge. The courses offered in Bridge are not remedial and all give degree credit.

The Summer Bridge Program is not a minority program. This program is open to all students regardless of race or ethnicity.

Q15. Once I have been admitted to Summer Bridge, what comes next?

A15. Once a student received his/her admittance to the Summer Bridge Program, they will be sent information about the program and a contract that must be signed and returned to the CSP office by May 1. The student must also pay their enrollment deposit to the University of Michigan by May 1. (http://www.admissions.umich.edu/drupal/enrollment-deposit) Failure to complete both of these steps may result in the student losing his/her place in the program. Once the letters have been mailed, they will be placed on our website for reference.

Q16. Who do I contact for more information?

A16. For more information, please contact the CSP Summer Bridge Program office.
Phone: (734) 764-9128, or via e-mail at csp-bridge@umich.edu.