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We are now offering tutoring services in conjunction with the Study Groups offered by the Science Learning Center. We have entered this joint arrangement not only to improve the quality of our tutoring services but to insure CSP students have access to every resource possible to achieve success in these classes.  Here is what is new.

In order to get tutoring for Chemistry 130, Chemistry 210, Chemistry 215, Biology 171, and Biology 172 you will need to go through the following steps.

1.  Register for a SLC study group. (http://ttc.iss.lsa.umich.edu/slc/). Registration for these groups will begin 9/16/2013.  If the groups are closed, please put yourself on the wait-list. The staff at the SLC will make every opportunity to add you to a group as soon as possible.  You should attend these sessions weekly. 

2. Once you have joined a study group, you can then request tutoring by appointment.  (http://www.lsa.umich.edu/slc/tutoring/byappointment).  This tutoring is reserved for CSP Students.  This will give you another opportunity each week to review your course work.  CSP tutors have been hired for these groups.

3. The Science Learning Center will provide drop-in hours for all students from 4 - 7 PM, Monday - Thursday and 4 - 8 PM on Sunday.  This is another resource available for you.

We understand this is a change but we believe it  will be for your benefit. We will assess this new program throughout the Fall term. Your feedback will be valuable to us as we work to improve our tutoring efforts.

Be a Tutor...

If you would like to apply to be a CSP tutor please contact Chauncey Williams, our Tutor Coordinator, cwsc@umich.edu.

Or, fill out this form -  Tutor Application


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