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Fernando Arenas


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    Fernando Arenas is Professor of Lusophone African, Brazilian, and Portuguese Studies with an emphasis on literature, film, and popular music, which he studies through an interdisciplinary and theoretical prism centering on the dyad of post-colonialism and globalization. He received his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley in 1994. He taught for 16 years in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies at the University of Minnesota. He is the author of Utopias of Otherness: Nationhood and Subjectivity in Portugal and Brazil (University of Minnesota Press, 2003) and co-editor together with Susan C. Quinlan of Lusosex: Gender and Sexuality in the Portuguese-Speaking World (University of Minnesota Press, 2002). He has been a visiting professor at Universidade Federal Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro) and at Harvard University. In 2005-06, he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for the completion of the book manuscript, Lusophone Africa: Beyond Independence (University of Minnesota Press, 2011). He has several research projects: (1) “Between Migration and Citizenship: Cultural Imaginings at the Borderlines of Portugal, Brazil and Lusophone Africa” (lectures and journal articles); (2)  Revision, expansion, and copy editing of Portuguese translation of Lusophone Africa: Beyond Independence to be published in Brazil, Portugal, Angola, and Mozambique; (3) Lusophone trans-Atlantic cultural studies (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, and Portugal).

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