Angela D. Dillard

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Angela Dillard

Professor Residential College, DAAS

Office Location(s): 2216 LSA - 1382
Phone: 734.936.6639
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    Professor Angela D. Dillard specializes in American and African-American intellectual history, particularly around issues of race, religion and politics — on both the Left and the Right sides of the political spectrum. Her first book, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Now?: Multicultural Conservatism in America (NYU Press, 2001) was among the first critical studies of conservative political thought among African Americans, Latinos, women and homosexuals. Her second book, Faith in the City: Preaching Radical Social Change in Detroit (U of Michigan Press, 2007), focuses on the interconnections of religion and political radicalism in Detroit from the 1930s to the 1960s. Both books reflect Professor Dillard’s interests in the study of political ideologies — how they emerge, how they get deployed in the context of political movements, and how they change over the course of time.

    Professor Dillard is currently at work on a political biography of James H. Meredith, the icon of the civil rights movement turned conservative Republican, and has recently launched The Black Church Project, a public history initiative involving churches in Detroit and Ann Arbor