Howard Stein

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Howard Stein

Professor School of Public Health, DAAS

4700 Haven Hall

Phone: 734.763.5519
Fax: 734.763.0543
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    • Afro-American and African Studies
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    Howard Stein is a Professor in DAAS and also teaches in the Department of Epidemiology.He is a development economist educated in Canada, the US and the UK who has taught in both Asia and Africa. His research has focused on foreign aid, finance and development, structural adjustment, health and development and industrial policy. His latest recently completed volume is entitled “Beyond the World Bank Agenda: An Institutional Approach to Development” (University of Chicago Press, 2008). The book examines the evolution of the World Bank agenda aimed at explaining the failure of their policies in regions like sub-Saharan Africa. The volume also attempts to generate an alternative approach with applications to state formation, financial develolpment and health care policy based on institutional economic theory.

    He teaches a variety of courses in DAAS and Epidemiology including the history of African economic development, Africa and post-war development theory and policy and health and socio-economic development. He has been involved in organizing the African Development and Human Security Project which is a DAAS based initiative aimed a building a campus-wide network of graduate students and faculty interested in human security issues on the continent