African Studies Initiative Research Grant

ATTENTION: The application submission period begins on January 21st and ends February 18th. Your references will be notified by an automatic email that is generated when you submit their names so please submit their names as soon as possible to insure that they are able to meet the February 18th deadline. Your application does not have to be complete to submit your reference writers' names. See the online database here

If you have any problems submitting some or all of your application materials, please contact V. Robin Grice at:

Contact Person:
V. Robin Grice
The Department of Afroamerican and African Studies
The University of Michigan
4700 Haven Hall
505 S. State St.
Ann Arbor , MI 48109-1045, USA

The Program
Rackham Graduate School will provide funds for grants for current U-M graduate students interested in African Studies. Each academic year, funds will be available to support graduate students who are studying or researching in the field of African Studies.

Fellowship Information for U-M Departments Research Grants: 
Students can apply to DAAS for small grants to help cover research expenses. Applicants must indicate where they have applied for additional sources of funding and how much they have obtained from other sources for research activities.

Current University of Michigan Ph.D. students are eligible to apply. Applicants must plan to embark on a course of study and research in the field of African Studies.

Students can apply for small grants under $10,000 to support summer, thesis and dissertation research. A small number of fellowships are granted. While students can apply and receive funds throughout their graduate career, the funding  from all DAAS grants and fellowships including the African Studies Initiatives Research Grant, the SAIO Research Grant and the Moody Fellowship, cannot exceed $10,000 in total.

Selection Criteria: 
Applications for the African Initiatives Research Grant will be reviewed by the DAAS Fellowships Committee. The committee is composed of DAAS faculty members. The following factors are taken into consideration when selecting research grant recipients:

1. The applicant's academic background (curriculum vita and transcript).
2. The relationship of the proposed project to African Studies.
3. The significance of the proposed project to the applicant's field and the potential for the project to have an impact on the field.
4. The relationship of the research questions being explored and the proposed project activities.
5. The viability for the proposed project and the likelihood that it will be completed in the time period specified.
6. The clarity of the research proposal.
7. Strength of the letters of recommendation.
8. The applicant's participation in DAAS activities.

Conditions of Awards: 
Recipients of the award are expected to be actively involved in the life of the Department. In particular, they are expected to participate in DAAS' Africa Workshop and make a presentation of their work or studies at the Department. Participation in activities in DAAS will be considered for applicants seeking funding.

Application Materials: 
The following materials (except for letters of recommendation) should be submitted to our new online database. The application period begins on January 21st. If you have any problems submitting any or all of your materials, please contact V. Robin Grice at:

1. A completed African Initiative Grants application.(application questions)
2. An application cover letter - can include biographical information, an indication of the applicant's intellectual path and their knowledge of DAAS.
3. A curriculum vitae that includes the applicant's academic background: work history, list of honors, grants, scholarships and awards; publications or research papers; conference and workshop participation; membership in professional associations; past teaching experience; and language proficiency.
4. Applicants applying for a research grant must submit a research proposal that includes literature review, research questions, significance of the project, methodology, a budget, schedule of activities, and bibliography. Five single-spaced pages maximum (or 10 double-spaced).
5. A transcript (original or a copy of one).

In addition to the above materials, two letters of recommendation must be sent directly from the referees. Your referees will be notified by email when you submit their names and email through the online application database. Your application does not have to be complete in order to submit their names. Please submit their names as soon as possible to insure that they can meet the February 18th deadline. See the online database here.

How to combine files to create one PDF:
In Adobe Acrobat Pro, under ‘file’, see ‘combine files into a single pdf’. Select the files that you want to combine. Save your new file. Files should be no more than 3 MB.

Application Deadline: The application period begins January 21st and ends February 18th. To be considered, all application materials, including letters of recommendation must reach DAAS by the deadline.

ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THE ONLINE DATABASE: If you have any questions please email V. Robin Grice at: Please type 'African Initiatives Research Grant' in the subject line of your emails.

Award Notification: Applicants will be notified about the status of their application by March 31.