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AAS 103 001
First Year Social Science Seminar: Transnational Human Rights Formation
Adunbi, Omolade
3 credits

AAS 104 001
First Year Humanities Seminar: Malcom X, Black Power, and the Practice of History
Ward, Stephen
3 credits

AAS 104 004
First Year Humanities Seminar: Nonviolence: From Montgomery to the World
Ellsworth, Scott
3 credits

AAS 104 007 
First Year Humanities Seminar: The Culture of Jazz
Anderson, Paul
3 credits

AAS 104 008
First Year Humanities Seminar: Fugitive and Free: Resistance to Slavery in Antebellum America Wells, Jonathan
3 credits

AAS 111 001
Introduction to Africa and Its Diaspora
Askew, Kelly; Arenas, Fernando
4 credits

AAS 115 001
Elementary Swahili
Mpesha, Nyambura
4 credits

AAS 115 002
Elementary Swahili Mpesha, Nyambura
4 credits

AAS 125 004
Elementary African Languages I: Zulu
4 credits

AAS 268 001
Community Collaborations: Race, Social Justice, and Engaged Learning
Sweeney, Megan
3 credits

AAS 316 001
Advanced Swahili II
4 credits

AAS 358 007
Topics in Black World Studies: Writing Back to the World! A Masterclass in Creative Writing
Goodison, Lorna
3 credits

AAS 408 001
African Economies: Social and Political Settings
Pitcher, Anne
3 credits

AAS 417 001
Studying African Americans: An Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods
Means Coleman, Robin
3 credits

AAS 436 001
Witchcraft and Spiritual Insecurity in Africa
Ashforth, Adam
3 credits

AAS 458 004
Issues in Black World Studies: Race Relations, Cultural Images and Sport
Haniff, Nesha
3 credits

AAS 471 001
Higher Education and African-American Social Development
Rowley, Larry
3 credits

AAS 480 001
Visual Culture as History in Africa
Silverman, Raymond
3 credits

AAS 495 003
Senior Seminar: Advanced Research and Writing in African American Biography and Autobiography
Randolph, Sherie
4 credits