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Sections of the mural "Detroit Industry" by Diego Rivera
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Detroit is celebrating its 300th anniversary this year, and the city is planning a number of very special tricentennial activities. Festivals, concerts, special events, and educational programs are all part of the Detroit 300 celebration, which continues through the end of 2001.

The University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) is participating in Detroit 300 by designating Fall 2001 a “theme semester” on Detroit's tricentennial. LSA will offer courses in American Culture, English, History of Art, History, Political Science, and Sociology, among others.

The classes will explore Detroit’s past, present, and future; the cultural influences of the City; activism; politics; and race, to name just a few of the subject areas. A complete list of courses is available on LSA’s Theme Semester website.

But the courses are only part of this exciting Theme Semester. Also planned are art exhibits, a public lecture series, poetry readings, films, cultural activities and performances, service opportunities, roundtable discussions, and much more. Please see the Events calendar on this website for more information on Ann Arbor-area events.

Questions about the Theme Semester? Contact us for more information.

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Sections of the mural Detroit Industry by Diego Rivera are presented courtesy of the Detroit Institute of Arts. For an in-depth look at this extraordinary project please visit Diego Rivera at the DIA.

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