Ongoing and Upcoming in Digital Currents

The Digital Currents project runs concurrent series of events. 

The Digital Pedagogy Series includes hands-on workshops for instructors interested in the techniques and implications of teaching with digital tools, as well as lectures on related topics.

The Research and Digital Environments series highlights current scholarly inquiry both on and in digital environments. 

Read more about all of our upcoming events here.

Related to the Digital Currents project, the Institute for the Humanities also offers funding for graduate students to gain expertise in doing and discussing digital scholarship. For example, the institute has partnered with the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria to provide grant support for University of Michigan graduate students to be able to participate in the DHSI.

We are also featuring the diversity of projects funded by MCubed grants that relate to the humanities and use or refer to digital tools or methodologies. Click here to read about these exciting projects.